OLLD Times

Issue 23 Volume 15.16

Current Online Learning Enrollment

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Total Course Completions as of April 29, 2016

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Weekly Course Completions between April 11-April 29. 2016

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Weekly Course Completions by Subject between April 11-29, 2016

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Teachers' Completions

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  • Congratulations to Renee Mayet who has the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Milton Velez who is the second teacher with the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Elvin Price who is tied as the third teacher with the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Tommie Barkley who is the fourth teacher with the highest number of completions in the district.

Getting to Know the Department

Katherine Coleman: Online Learning Lab Teacher at Eisenhower High School

My teaching career began as an adjunct faculty member at the Houston Community College while working as a NASA contractor database analyst and systems programmer. I entered secondary schools as a Business Education teacher, serving as business department chairperson as well for three years. I only wanted to try out teaching at the secondary level and see if I liked it. If not, I’d try another field of interest.; but, was I ever surprised. The interest that students showed in learning and applying what they learned to real life situations overwhelmed me. So, the decision was to continue teaching.

This was the vocation I had been called to! In 2004, I sought to work in a district that had a clear vision to educate children and providing extensive professional development. A friend told me about the Aldine ISD hiring fair at the MOC, and it was a perfect match for me at Eisenhower High School. With combined experience in programming and the use of technology in business growing, I was able to “spread my wings”. Aldine provided the

right environment and tools for my passion – teaching using student project based learning and helping.

In December of 2005, I became a part of what is now Aldine’s Online Learning/Credit Recovery. The name reflects technological advancement and growth in methodologies used to promote Web-based student computer learning. I rejoice each time one student

realizes the great benefits of recovering credits for academic success and decides to dance to the rhythm of credit recovery and achieve graduation. Inspiration abounds.

My favorite relaxing activities are listening to music, reading, and spending time with close friends and family. I prefer reading prayer books and spiritual inspiration. I also enjoy keeping up with Online and Distance Learning Trends. I am a recipient of the AISD 2014-2015 Online Teacher Award.

Online Courses Cut Out Date

We recently met with the counselor leadership team. Please ensure that all seniors enrolled that are expecting to graduate Spring 2016 are informed that they must be 100% complete with their course and PROCTORED final exam by May 27, 2016.

The rest of the students will have until June 2nd, 2016. Students may NOT continue on a course after June 2nd.


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Events Coming Up

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Virtual Instructional Time

Lab teachers should show this video at the beginning of each class period on an A and B day.

This video will explicate to students how to use the Virtual Instructional Time and will increase communicate between the initial credit students and virtual school teachers.

Virtual Instructional Time
If you have any shoutouts for anybody in the Online Learning Department, please send it to ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org to add it to our shouout list.

Procedures for Students Completing or Incompleting Courses

Students Should be Marked:


-Student: The student has exhausted 18 weeks and the student has not completed the course in Edgenuity or Schoology.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the student INCOMPLETE on E-portal and disable the course in Edgenuity. Do not archive the student.

-Counselor: The counselor must create a new Online Tracking Form (OTF) with the same course if the student still needs the course (with the new start date).


-Student: The student must complete the course in Edgenuity and Schoology and must have a cumulative exam of 70 or above within 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF complete on Eportal, the course must be completed on Edgenuity, and on the spreadsheet.

-Counselor: If the semester is not over, the counselor must assign a new course as soon as possible in order to minimize loss of instructional time.


-Student: The student is no longer in the teacher's SMS roster before exhausting the 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF as withdrawn, the course must be disabled, and the spreadsheet should be marked as withdrawn.

-Counselor: The counselor has created a schedule change (prior to the student being marked withdrawn).


-Student: This transfer occurs when the semester is over and the student still has been enrolled for less than 18 weeks in the course.

-Teacher: The teacher will receive an OTF with the word “transfer” after the course name to indicate that this student already has a course in Edgenuity. The teacher must then enable the course in Edgenuity.

-Counselor: When a student needs to roll over the semester, the counselor must create a new OTF with the new teacher's name on it and must write “transfer” after the course name to indicate that the student is transferring teachers (the start date will be the same as the original course. The student will have 18 weeks from original start date).

6th Period Enrollments

Students 9th through 11th grade will now pay a fee of $130 per course for initial credit courses. This fee will have to be paid to a counselor prior student enrollment.

12th Grade students will pay a reduced $30 fee per course.

Schoology Management for Lab Teachers

Mr. Matt McArthur has created a video to demonstrate how to manage Schoology for the Theatre Arts electives.
Schoology Management for Lab Teachers

Extension Explanation to Students

Whenever students need an extension, please share this video with them so they can understand the extension process.
Extension Explanation


Thank you for all the lab teachers who have updated their spreadsheets. Remember that your SLOs are now linked to the data on your spreadsheets, so it is vital that you update them weekly.

There have been several teachers who have sent and/or shared with me their own spreadsheet. Every teacher must complete the information on the master teacher spreadsheet copy. I am including a video on how to input your data on the master copy.

Please click here for the FALL 2015 master copy.

Please click here for the SPRING 2016 master copy.


Who do I contact?

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