Big Room Bulletin

Rankin Elementary PE/ Health News and Photos

Things You Will Find In 2016/2017....

  • Photos of students in action
  • Monthly units students are currently learning
  • Parent lectters and information about the class and the teacher
  • Skill test leaders
  • State PE/ Health benchmarks
  • Healthy Fun web pages students can access with the click of a button
  • Healthy Leadership in action

About Us

At Rankin Elementary, 350 students come through the Big Room in two week rotations monthly. Students all come with their own unique talents and are eager to move in various ways. In the Big Room, we work extremely hard to cuiltivate a love for movement, exercise, and over-all health. It's my job as their teacher to motivate and encourage them to do their best daily. It's a job I take very seriously.

Objectives of the Class

About the Teacher

Hi there... My name is Mr. Keskes and I am very excited to be your child's P.E./ Health teacher at Rankin. I am a proud Carman-Ainsworth graduate from the class of '94. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Western Michigan University and a Master's Degree in Education from Marygrove College.

I am married to my wife, Ashley, who is a special education teacher at Dye Elementary. We have 4 year old twins, Bowe and Burkley, who we love spending time with. In my spare time, I enjoy golfing and going to Detroit Tiger's games:)

Units Covered

September/ October

Upper Elem. (3-5)

-Expectations and procedures

-Get to know you activities

-Skill Testing sit-ups


Dribbling, passing, shooting, offense, defense, game rules


Underhand serve, V-pass, window pass, game rules

-Pacer Endurance Testing

Lower Elem. (K-2)

-Expectations and procedures

-Get to know you activities

-Skill Testing skip, leap


Basic skills


Basic ball awareness


Catching, underhand toss


Upper Elem. (3-5)

Lower Elem. (K-2)

January/ February

Upper Elem. (3-5)

Lower Elem. (K-2)

March/ April

Upper Elem. (3-5)

Lower Elem. (K-2)

May/ June

Upper Elem. (3-5) Lower Elem. (K-2)


Pacer Test

5th Boys

5th Girls

4th Boys

4th Girls

3rd Boys

3rd Girls

2nd Boys

2nd Girls

Photos- Class

Mr. Bell-Kindergarten

Mrs. Wilson-Kindergarten

Mrs. Lynch-1st grade

Mrs. Raether-2nd Grade

Ms. Welch- 3rd grade

Mrs. Jubenville- 4th Grade

Mrs. Vanwormer- 4th grade

Mrs. Vicari- 4th grade

Mrs. McLean- 5th grade

Mrs. Rice- 5th Grade

Mrs. Johnson- 5th Grade

Mrs. Walker-Hackett 2/3

Mrs. Childers 4/5

Parent Letter

Physical Education Parent Letter

Hello Rankin parents, my name is Mr. Keskes and I will be your child’s P.E./ Health teacher here at Rankin Elementary. I truly believe that every student can learn and that we all need physical activity on a daily basis. I have a Bachelors Degree in Education and Physical Education from Western Michigan University and Masters Degree from Marygrove College.

Some of the themes we will be focusing on this year are; movement, flexibility, strength, skills, and sports. I also teach Michigan Model Health to all students in the school. Your child will be assessed on physical skills and behavior.

Your child’s expectations for physical education are: (these correlate with the Rankin Rocks expectations)

1) Be prepared for class every day with appropriate tennis shoes. (No sandals, dress shoes, or thick soled shoes that will mark the gym floor). Your children will sit out the whole hour for not dressing appropriately and it will affect their grade. Two days in a row will be a trip to the responsibility room (PBS).

2) Participate and play within the rules of all activities.

3) Respect each other, the teacher, and the equipment that we use every day.

4) Follow all classroom rules- bathrooms, freeze to whistle, etc.

5) Safety is encouraged at all times. Especially with P.E. equipment.

6) HAVE FUN!!!!!!

I will use a timeout area with in the gym for students who are not following the rules and will use the responsibility room for individuals needing a positive behavior change.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer helping in the gym, I would enjoy hearing from you. If your son or daughter has a medical condition (bad asthma, heart condition, etc.) that will restrict them or that I should know of, please let me know as soon as you can. It’s going to be a great year!!!