Which element needs less time to freeze with the water?



I think, that the element that needs less time to freeze of this 4 elements with the water it's the distilled water. Because the distilled water only have a element (water), I think less as elements have the water more faster freezing.

Background Research

Internet research:

I researched in wikipedia some elements to know the freeze temperature of this elements.


Distilled water

Salt with water

In my home there are some ancient physics books and enciclophedies to know charactheristics of the elements.


The first thing that we know in this experiment it's the temperature.

Ambient temperature: 21 Celsius degrees

Freezer's temperature: - 20 Celsius degrees

First we take 4 equals glasses and we put the following items.

In the first glass we put 50 mililitres of distilled water.

In the second glass we put 4o mililitres of water and 10 grams of salt.

In the third glass deposit 40 mililitres of water and 10 mililitres of alcohol.

In the fourth glass we put 10 mililitres of alcohol.

And we put the 4 glasses in the freezer.


The first glass to be frozen has been the glass of distilled water. At 2 hours after put the glass in the freezer.

The second glass (water with salt) 1:15 hours later it turned in a pasty substance. And freeze completly 12 hours later.

The third glass (water with alcohol) 3:00 hours later it turned in a pasty substance and at 4:15 hours later have the frozen surface. The third glass didn't freeze completly,. Because contains 20% of alcohol.

The fourth glass (alcohol) didn't freeze. It remained liquid, because the alcohol freeze at -114 Celsius degrees. And the limit freezer's temperature it's -20 degrees.



I do the experiment many times, and in all the times the first glass to freeze is the glass of distilled water. The conclusion of this experiment is that dissolving substances or chemicals in the water can change its freezing temperature , which in theory is at 0 degrees Celsius. These elements dissolved in water cause this freeze at a lower temperature of 0 degrees . This is useful for example to prevent the formation of ice on the surface of the road , throwing salt. In automobiles or other vehicles prevent freezing of cooling system, because it contains an antifreeze liquid composed of water and alcohol.