Radio Waves

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What is a radio wave?

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves have the longest wavelengths ranging from 1 millimeter to about 100 kilometers, they also have the shortest frequencies from about 3,000 cycles per second. The speed of radio waves are about 300,000 km per second. Radio waves were discovered by Heinrich Hertz in the late 1880's by using a spark gap attached to an induction coil and a separate spark gap on a receiving antenna, waves created by the sparks of the coil transmitter were picked up by the receiving antenna and the sparks would jump.
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Everyday Application

Radio waves are used to transmit sounds through radios so people could listen to music, it also transmits television signals so people could watch TV. Radio is also used for transmitting data in coded form.
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Health Impacts

Large doses or radio waves from any device could cause cancer leukemia and other disorders. There is a low chance of this happening and radio waves are usually harmless.
This article explains that the next big thing is wireless charging and it uses radio waves to charge cell phones. This is the man who first invented the mobile phone.
Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves
This video first describes the history of how waves where found, the size of the wavelengths and where radio waves are in our everyday lives. It also describes exactly what radio waves are.