Country Partners Newsletter #2

From Mexico with love

What is coming in this Newsletter

- Matching time!

- Mexican culture

- Why we do what we do?

- Thank you

- LC to LC Cooperations

- Contacts

Matching time!

This month is crucial to match all the forms available to make real our goal to change 1,000 lives!

Next 18 and 19 of April we are gonna have a MATCHING FEST!

The main purpose of this fest is to encourage a quick and effective match by having specific hours for every project that you have, so the VP's iGCDP can meet with the EPs, bring a little bit of information about the project to solve doubts, have the interview with them and in a lap of 24 hours having the match.

In order to this to happen we need from you:

1. To set an hour (per project) from the 18 of april at 9:00 am till the 19 of april at 9:00 pm (GMT-6), and please tell us who is going to be the responsible of making the interviews. Please put the hours here and confirm the responsable to

2. Please send us the promotional material of your projects so the EP's make their mind before the Matching Fest.

These are the numbers of EPs looking for a GCDP practice in each mexican LC so you can contact them directly:

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Mexican culture

Did you know that…

Family is the base of society in Mexico. Family overrides work, or any other aspect, and home is the original environment to learn, it provides a safe place to experience language, values, culture and forms personal character. We mexicans, value family as the most important thing to care about, we do anything to keep our family safe and happy.

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Why we do what we do?

For us, AIESEC is a big family where we care about all our members and make them feel that each one is important and that every action leads to achieve all the common set goals. AIESEC brings us the opportunity to connect with people, and when we connect and make friendship bonds, try to understand others feelings and gather to express ideas is when we form an environment able to transform our reality and make it better.

You are part of this family and we want to stay closer, make possible the impossible and connect our feel to keep this world full of amazing people who believe that boost good feelings is the answer.

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Thank you

Thank you to make possible the open spaces that we had, we really appreciate the cooperation and thanks to you our team is empowered to change many lives and specially our EPs are very excited to travel to your country and make a difference.

LC to LC Cooperations

Here is our drive where we set LC to LC Cooperations and upload important information about each country partner:

And here you have the contact list of all VP oGCDP from Mexico:

oGCDP - AIESEC in Mexico

Best regards, AIESEC in Mexico

Danae Velez

MCB Customer Experience

Myriam Murillo

NST International Relations