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News from September, 2020

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Important Dates

  • 10/7 - 90 Minute Early Dismissal for PD
  • 10/7 - Students, Staff, and Parents complete the LiM MRA survey - see below for more info
  • 10/12 - Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 10/13 - 2 Hr. Early Dismissal - Elementary Conferences
  • 10/15 - 2 Hr. Early Dismissal - Elementary Conferences
  • 10/16 - No Classes
  • 10/21 - 90 Minute Early Dismissal for PD
  • 10/23 - Quarter 1 Ends
  • 10/26 - Quarter 2 Begins
  • 10/28 - 90 Minute Early Dismissal for PD
  • 10/30 - Quarter 1 Club Day - Respect Focused

Thank You, Pella Middle School!

We would like to thank our students for taking the masking expectations seriously. Students have been respectful and compliant. We do ask students to keep an extra mask (or two) in their lockers at all times to ensure they have them when they need them. Thank you!

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Masking Update

Per Mr. Ebeling's message earlier this week about new guidance, we would like to reiterate the importance of wearing masks at school. This guidance recommends that close contacts of COVID-positive cases will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days if a face covering was worn consistently and correctly by the positive case and close contacts. The positive case must isolate. If exposure occurs while a student is not wearing a mask (ie. lunch) they will need to quarantine at home.

Close contacts will continue to be notified via telephone when there is a need to monitor your student. Parents may choose to have their students quarantine at home if they wish.

With this new guidance, the type of face covering is also very important. Neck gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves will not count as appropriate face coverings to avoid the 14 day quarantine. Therefore, we are asking students and staff to avoid the use of gaiters, bandanas, and masks with valves. Please see the attached document for appropriate types of masks. Please make this change with your children as soon as possible but no later than Monday, Oct. 5.

Thank you for your help with limiting and reducing the spread of CoVid. We love having our students back at school, and we hope to keep them here!

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Social Media Awareness - Please Help!

Please, please be aware of your student's social media presence. We're finding that many students have Instagram and Snapchat accounts that their parents didn't realize they have or do not check. When students post hurtful and inappropriate things they would never say in person, the impact on other students, and ultimately themselves, is damaging and long-lasting. Some posts are even in violation of school board policy, local, state and federal law. In addition to posting inappropriate material, many of our students are following anonymous Instagram accounts and/or inappropriate social media influencers. Be mindful of checking your kids' posts and who they follow, and ask them if they've ever created anonymous accounts themselves. We want to enforce the importance of using social media appropriately and modeling digital citizenship. Thank you for your support and help with this! Officer Wolff, our School Resource Officer (SRO), and I will be putting together a short video soon to reinforce the importance.
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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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Leader in Me - Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) - Your input is needed!

Pella Middle School staff is embracing and learning about the Leader in Me , by Franklin Covey, based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The goal is to build a leadership culture that promotes all voices to play a role in the growth of our school system. The focus will be on staff this year, and we will determine the best way to involve students along the way and in the future. We see the opportunity to build courageous students and leaders who use their voices to make a difference in our schools and in our ever-changing world. In order to see where we stand currently, we need a baseline, and we need your help, guardians. Please take time to complete the MRA parent portion, and please know we value your input as we take steps to improve our culture, climate, and leadership at Pella Middle School and in our district. Every step in the right direction will support our mission of Maximizing Life's Opportunities for Every Child.

Survey Link:

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

To sign up for a conference time please click on the link.

Sign-Up for meeting time(s) with teacher(s)

Once you have signed up for a time slot, you will receive an email with a link to join the meeting as well as the option to add it to your personal calendar. Please add the event to your personal calendar or save the email to access the meeting for your virtual conference.

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Quarter 1 Club Day ~ RESPECT is our Focus for October

Students will reflect on the GREAT Rubric at the quarter end, and our focus this month will be RESPECT. Any students with a Developing (2) or less will get the opportunity to relearn what it takes and how to be respectful to their peers and their teachers.

GREAT Rubric Example LINK
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A big part of being successful is being prepared.

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Please Return Library Books

If you still have any books from last school year, they can be returned to any building, and we will be sure to get them back on our shelves.
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Message from the Parent Drop Off Loop at Jefferson Intermediate

If you are dropping off your child before school, please stay along the curb following the traffic until you drop off your child by the yellow poles. Do not pull out and pass other cars to get to a parking spot further in line. When a parent drops off their child, we ask that you keep pulling ahead and drop off by the yellow poles so that other cars behind you can keep moving forward. For the safety of everyone, we do not want cars passing to get further ahead. This creates safety hazards as students are getting out of cars and parents are pulling out after dropping off their children. Everyone is in a hurry and wants to drop off their children, but we need the drivers to be safe and respectful of others. If you are dropping off a middle school student, please drop them off by the yellow poles with their siblings instead of parking and making others drive around you. We have had some close calls lately with cars pulling out almost being hit by cars coming from behind them.

Thanks for your help keeping this area safe, Mr. Miller

Attitude Determines Preparation, Preparation Determines Outcome.

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Pella Middle School Sports - Masking Expectations

Thank you to everyone for following our safety protocols to this point and for keeping our students safe and our activities moving forward. Starting September 24, masks are required by all spectators upon entering Pella events. You will be required to wear a mask through the gate/doors at all events. Once you are seated, if you are socially distanced (6 feet away from other families), masks may be relaxed. While not everyone will agree with this decision, we know that we can all agree we will do everything possible to allow our students to finish what they started this fall. It is important for our students and families to attend all activities they wish to.

Go Dutch!

PMS Activities Department

Mr. Tjeerdsma

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Can I Play if I am Failing A Course? To find out, Please read the Pella Middle School Academic Eligibility Policy!

The faculty and administration of Pella Middle School have developed the following expectations for students who are failing classes and participating in extra-curricular activities. If you are failing any courses, you will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities for two weeks and be expected to come to the Wednesday after school study table during that time. Full academic eligibility policy link.

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The Counselor Connection

We recognize with our current circumstances students are more likely to be experiencing anxiety at some level or another. We are working diligently to give your students a chance to start their school day on a positive note. We continue to collect information on Monday and Fridays regarding how your child is feeling so we can best address these issues as they may arise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Jourdan Van Wyk, School Counselor

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