Corn Maze By: David Barber

By: Sydney Kermath

Why you should come watch my performance?

Now's your chance to see poetry out loud. I will be performing along with others. During the time, which is 2nd hour at 9 O'clock, in Mr. Vollraths room, will have multiple performers state poetry out loud and there will be a crowd. Make that crown larger by coming. It will be dramatic, exciting, and wonderful performances.

What's my poem about?

My poem that I will be performing is called "Corn Maze" by David Barber. The meaning of my poem relates obviously to a corn maze, but also my thoughts on the poem is that it relates to maybe his life. As in, the poem explains how he's stuck in a corn maze and can't get out. Everywhere he goes, he can't find his way out. The poem could relate to something in his life where he can't get out of a situation. For example, in the poem it states "Here is where, you get nowhere" line 1 and 2. Another example that shows that is the last lines, which states "And where you were, is where you were." line 24-25.
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