Texas Tech Traditions

Masked Rider

He is the oldest tradition at Tech and actually started as a dare. He would ride out and circle the field and disappear. No one knew who he was for a while, eventually he became their mascot. Today he is still their most popular mascot. he also inspired another tradition "guns up" which i'll talk about later.

Guns Up

This is now how tech fans greet each other, and how they show support. It originated as a way of mocking of " hook em horns". It really started to become normal once the masked rider rode out with his "guns up". From there the cheerleaders quickly adopted this. Now a days it is Texas Techs thing.

Carol of Lights

As a way of celebrating, Tech holds a event called the carol of lights. To start the event the choir sings some classical holiday jingles. Then the lighting begins and 13 buildings are lit up. It all started in 1959, but the first time they tried no one was there to see it. Now it is one of Techs favorite traditions.