Physical/Chemical Property/Change

By Trenton Ulrick

What you will Learn

Today I will explain to you what Chemical properties and changes are, and what Physical properties and changes are

Physical And Chemical Change

A physical change is the change of a piece of matter that can be changed back to its regular form. For example if you had a piece of clay that was a ball then you squeezed it to a flat circle you made a physical change to the property.If you heated the clay hot enough it would turn into brick and that is a chemical change because it went from one substance to another.In result it can't be changed back.Did you know at extreme temperatures you can turn sand into glass! That is a chemical change. If you were batting and the bat broke it would be a physical change because it is turned to two parts but not a different substance. That is why it is a physical change
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Physical and Chemical Change Part II

The Match above is being lit and if it touches a piece of log it will start burning. This is a chemical change because it is unchangeable due to it turning into ashes.If you broke the stick in half then that would cause it to under go a physical change. Physical changes can be turned back and chemical cannot. One tip in knowing a chemical change is odor,temperature,color change,precipitate (when two or more things mix together to make an insoluble liquid.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

A physical property is a trait for the property physically. For example malleability is if you can hit it with a hammer to change its shape. It can also be simple like color, or even how dense it is. A chemical property is different. One example is flammability. A piece of wood is flammable rather than water. Corrosive is the ability to rust like a nail if it gets old. Another one is explosive. If it can explode, for example TNT is an explosive but a human isn't (don't even try it)
The Physical Properties and Chemical Properties of Matter - Chemistry