Voyager Missions

The Longest-Living Spacecraft In Space

Voyager Launch Date

  • V-2 was launched Aug. 20 1977 while V-1 was launched Sept. 5

Voyager Creator

  • Voyager 1 project was created by Ed Stone.

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Voyger Seperated

  • Voyager 2 was launched before V-1

  • V-1 was directioned to Saturn and Jupiter and was ahead of V-2

Voyager Pictures

NASA News Conference: Voyager Reaches Interstellar Space

Voyager's Direction

    • Voyager’s trip was to last 5 years which became 12 and was near 30 years

    • V-2 successfully reached Saturn and then later on Uranus while V-1 is still getting data from interstellar space.

Where is Voyager?

This is where Voyager is now and how it is moving.

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Voyager Interstellar Mission: "Voyager 35 Years Later" 2012 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory