Why still push the needle forward?

3 Reasons + 3 Simple Ways to Do It

TGIF Teammates!

A group of us got together last night and brainstormed ways to increase the momentum of our businesses this month so here's to sharing! Scroll down to learn why we're doing this and for a look at my sample sale set up--see video :)


Why put in the effort for your biz when you already have a very busy month?

1) You can earn a $600 bonus + more cash commissions.

2) You can achieve the next level of Glam prizes thanks to DOUBLE POINTS!

3) You can earn Dot Dollar Customers who will add sales to help you end your June strong or kick off July with early momentum.

How can you make it simple? Here are 3 ways:

1) Consistently talk about the Summer Wear, Share, & Earn $ Package - ($600 Bonus potential)

When talking about Stella & Dot to anyone about anything (sales, style, pop ups, etc.), I've decided to make my message easy-breasy in a way that I can say it everyday all the time. I'd like to add 3 people to my team this month to go for the $600 Bonus.

What's this package I'm talking about? It's the June Sign Up Special of $199 upfront, gets the new stylist $1000 in best selling product AND FREE HOOPLA REGISTRATION!

Here's one of the ways I'm talking about it:

"Wait until you see all the fun new summer pieces we have this year! You're going to love them. In fact, we have a number of great specials this month including our Summer Wear, Share, & Earn $ package of $199 for $1000 in product. Seriously! You should do the "Summer Style" gig with me! It's so fun to wear the line and share it with people to make money on the go throughout the summer. I think you'd love it!"

Simply repeat all the time in a casual way throughout the month :)

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2) Block time in your calendar (with alerts!) to post something everyday this month on social media

Here's one fun way to start which we practiced last night:

On your FB VIP Page or on your regular profile page, Instagram, etc. post this image and ask people to post their own selfie below as closely replicating this or choosing their own fav summer hat & earring combo.

Those that post a pic will be entered into a raffle for $25 (or whatever you want to give) of product credit.

You then reach out to those who LIKE or COMMENT on the post and connect about how fun it would be to do a summer pop up in the back yard with her friends, or chat about helping her with personal style or gifts, or share our Summer Wear, Share & Earn $ package.

The goal is to get engagement and create fun with this post :)

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Congrats to Jeannette Pizarro who has already posted and is getting a great response!

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Less thinking, more doing so HERE YA GO:

Plan out your personal marketing and social media calendar to maximize your engagement with your Stella & Dot community! The more you SHARE & STYLE others the more you will GROW! Use these ideas to post in your VIP Groups and on your FB/IG. The more you build value for your customers and stay in front of them, the more you will be top of mind when they're ready to shop!

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3) Set up your own Mystery Hostess Online Show for next week and raffle off the rewards!

1) To set up a Mystery Hostess Show in the Lounge:

Book a show

Create a New Contact ie: Mystery Hostess

Use this formula for the email: YOUR STYLIST ID-DATE OF THE SHOW@stelladot.com



Now you have a unique URL for the Mystery Hostess Show

2) Set up a Facebook Event for some day next week.

Invite your VIP group and your other FB friends who you think would enjoy this.

Tease them with a quick video or message from you letting them know that whichever date you choose, you will be sharing the TOP 5 PIECES THEY'LL WANT FOR SUPERB SUMMER STYLE

For Example:

Getaway Bag

Hang-On (to go in the Getaway)

Hoop Earrings

Delicate Neckace

Hart Versatile Necklace (can be worn as a necklace & bracelet)

3) Add various photos/videos/marketing tools from MIMI for the days leading up to the event.

4) On the event day, go live for 5-10 mins sharing the TOP 5 SUMMER PIECES

5) Raffle off the Hostess Rewards to those who ordered or participated. You could even split the rewards up to spread the #sdjoy. If there is $100 in rewards, you could gift 4 people $25 each :)

~ Here's a peek at my sample sale ~


Be sure to tune into Tuesday's Training to learn how to FLIP your Hostesses!

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Have a great weekend!!!

Reach out if I can help you with anything :)



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