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克里夫蘭中文書院 二〇一九年 十二月通訊

December 2019 Newsletter

Message from the Board

親愛的 CAoC 家長、老師、以及行政人員大家好:

感謝大家選擇克里夫蘭中文書院 (CAoC) 作為貴子弟學習華語文與中華文化的橋樑,學校將會繼續朝著師資陣容的強化,以及教學內容的實用與趣味性而努力。

今年首度應 克里夫蘭 NBA 騎士隊 (Cavaliers) 邀請,於中場休息支援五分鐘節目演出。感謝參與演出的家長與學生。參與主流社區活動為近年來中文學校一直努力的目標,除了讓大克里夫蘭地區的居民知道本校的存在,瞭解本校在華語文教學與宣掦中華文化的努力之外,活動的成功與否亦關係到學校拿到經費補助的多寡,在此希望各位家長除了送子女來學習中文之外,對學校的文化活動也能大力支持,以使學校能爭取更多補助經費,來增強師資陣容與改善教學品質。

明年 2/8 為學校一年一度的大活動—春節聯歡會。董事會為大家準備了好玩的台灣夜市遊戲,精彩的節目演出,以及美味的台灣小吃。遊戲高分者可獲得一份精美禮品,請大家千萬不要錯過。詳細活動內容請注意老師的 parents notes、學校網頁、以及PTO訊息。


姚昭旭 敬上

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Staff,

What a great semester has gone by! Thank you all for bringing so much energy and good cheer into school.

From the Halloween Parade to the Cultural Week, from the Speech Contest to the end-year semester lunch, we continue to cultivate an inspiring learning environment for children. Yet it doesn't stop here, we are going to have the biggest event for the year: celebrating 2020 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, on Feb 8th! Stay tuned!

Last but not least, thank you to all of you who have dedicated so much to the school. A special thanks to the parents who bring in food for our concession stand which truly warms us up in this cold weather!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, January 4th! There is the updated calendar.

Cultural Week Highlights 文化週精彩花絮

The cultural week was a huge success!
This year our cultural week features Ribbon Dance, Spinning Tops, Chinese Yo-yo, Dumpling making, Calligraphy, Lion Dance, Electric-Techno Neon Gods Dancing, Kung-Fu Dance, and Kung-Fu Fan!

A big thanks to our President, Mr. Chao-Hsu Yao, who coordinated the whole event!


Click here for photos 更多活動花絮請見此!

Click here for a video clip 還有影片喔!

Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Our students were having fun in the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting class.



Principal: YuWei Cheng

Vice Principal: KC Liao

Academic Affairs: Yafen Wang & Piwen Ku

Parent Teacher Organization: Sharon Lin and KC Liao

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