Slovenia is a beautiful country located in south Central Europe with coordinates of 46 07 N, 14 49 E. It is slightly smaller than New Jersey and borders Austria and Croatia. The Julian alps go right through Slovenia and includes their highest mountain, Triglav. Their are also many rivers in the country such as Ljubljanica which holds many artifacts from the history of the Slovenian region.


After WWI, Slovenia joined Yugoslavia. 70 years later, they gained independence. To do this they had to fight a ten day war against the Yugoslav army. In 2004, the became part of the EU and the NATO.

Tourist Attractions

Government and Currency

Slovenia has a parliamentary republic ruled by President Borut Pahor. The currency of Slovenia used to be Tolar but then changed to Euro in 2007.

Fun Facts

- Many priceless Roman and Celtic artifacts were found in the shallow water of the Ljubljanica river

- There are 24,000 species of animals in Slovenia

- Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe


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