Mrs. Schettone's News

Week of October 5th-9th!

Star Sailor Fiona!

This week, our Star Sailor, Fiona, shared a lot of her favorite things with us! On Monday, Fiona shared her All About Me Poster! We learned that her favorite place is New York and that when she grows up, she would like to be a Chef! On Tuesday, Fiona shared her favorite book, Fancy Nancy and the Dazzling Book Report! On Wednesday, Fiona shared her favorite song, "Roar" by Katy Perry! On Thursday, Fiona shared her favorite snack, Hershey Bars! Finally on Friday, we made Fiona a book about what makes her a "Star Sailor!" We had a great week learning about you!

Fire Prevention Week!

This week at CBA, we celebrated Fire Safety Week! On Monday, Goshen Fire Company kicked off our week by visiting our school! Several firefighters and an EMT came into our classroom to speak to us about how to be safe from fire! They taught us how to stop, drop, and roll, how to sense smoke and fire in the house, the importance of having a working smoke detector, the importance of having an escape plan at home and at school, and finally, they shared the different parts of their uniform and the importance of each! Afterwards, we got to tour each of the two firetrucks and they gave us our very own fire hats! Throughout the remainder of the week, we read several books about fire stations and firefighters and reviewed all of their important safety tips! We created our own escape plan at home for homework! Mrs. Schettone returned our plans, so we can post them somewhere at home where we can always see it! We also wrote a thank you note to our friends at Goshen Fire Company. We had a great week learning about Fire Safety!

Language Arts and Math..A Few of my Favorite Things!

This week in language arts, students learned about the letters I and J! We read "My I Book", "Iguana on Ice", "My J Book", and "Jaguar's Jungle Jamboree". We made a list of I words and a list of J words! Students practiced writing I and J in their handwriting books, by completing I exploration sheets, and we completed I and J writing for our portfolios!

Our concept book this week was "Who Helps?" Students created a web showing four community helpers and writing about how they help us! Our big book this week was "Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten!" We talked about all of the community places that Miss Bindergarten and her class visited including the bakery, post office, park, fire station, and library! Our skill this week was categorizing and classifying. After we read our story, students practiced our new skill by drawing a four square in their journals and labeled each square Bakery, Post Office, Park, and Fire Station. Students drew pictures in each square of items they would find in each place.

Students rotated through literacy centers this week practicing beginning sounds, sight words, letters I and J, and fire safety work! Our reading group books this week focused on our sight words (Little, Ride to Town, and When I was Little). We practiced reading our books with Mrs. Schettone on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, we completed a writing in our journals classifying and categorizing our stories. Group One reading "Little" drew a four square drawing four items from their story that were little. Group Two reading "Ride to Town" drew a four square drawing four community places the characters visited. Group Three reading "When I was Little" drew a four square drawing pairs of items that have changed from when an individual is a baby to when they become a kid. We did a great job!

In Math this week, we wrapped up our study of Greater Than/Less Than and we had our very first test! These will be coming home on Tuesday for parents to review, sign, and return!


This week at CBA, Kindergarten kicked off Character Counts by teaching the entire school and our families about the character trait of RESPECT! Kindergarten shared the steps that they took to learn about RESPECT last week! We first read the book "Being Respectful" and then we made an anchor chart sharing ways that we can be respectful at home and at school. We then broke into groups and made a video sharing different examples of how we can be respectful at school! Throughout the rest of the week, we read stories sharing how the characters were being respectful and how they were not being respectful. At our assembly on Wednesday, students shared the anchor chart that we made. We then shared the video of Kid President explaining ways to show respect. We then showed our video of how to be respectful at school. Finally, we challenged our entire school to be respectful and earn paw prints! Students did a great job!
Kindergarten 2015-2016 Respect Video
Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Have a great LONG Weekend! See everyone on Tuesday! ~Mrs. Schettone