Introducing the LIE DETECTOR™

You really are one of the few honest people that you know!

Are tired of people lying to your face?

Well the Lie Detector™ is the product for you! This handy dandy invention checks a person's blood pressure and heart rate in order to tell if they're lying! I'm talking to you married couples!

Our Origin

The Lie Detector™ aka the polygraph was invented in 1921 by John A. Larson and helps detect when people are lying. Ever since then people have been using this machine to sort out the liars from the truthers. Boy, this sure would have been useful in the Great Gatsby with the amount of liars in that story! Am I right Nick?

Expose the Truth!

Character that would use this product

Wilson would use the Lie Detector™ because he had his suspicions about Myrtle cheating on him. She wouldn't admit it though so this product would be able to confirm that she's lying about where she's going. With this invention he wouldn't have to say "You may fool me, but you can't fool God!" (Fitzgerald, pg. 159) because she wouldn't be fooling anyone!

Our Location

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In conclusion,

This product will make your life so much easier! You can use it on your friends, family, and spouses! Imagine living without people constantly lying to you, because with the Lie Detector™, that dream is possible.

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Divorce papers not included

With the Lie Detector™ : "You really are one of the few honest people you know!"