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Edmond Halley/ Baroque

Emond Halley

Edmond Halley was an English scientist who took took part in he studies of Asronomy, and mathematics. He was one of the first people too study the transition of mercury, and Venus. He did so to better understand how big the solar system was, and other characteristics about it.He also had taken place in the wrighting of his star catalogue to also help distinguish and further increase his reputation as an astronomer and scientist.''He published his star catalogue in 1678" according to Tim sharp. He wastes made an official civilian professor at the university of Oxford.

Also according to Mary Virginia Fox in pages 11-13, 21,118,and 119 in agreement he was an astronomer. From child hood to adult he had loved the studies of science, and astronomy. In fact in his later ages he took interest in comets, and on a specific comet he made a prediction on 1682 that comet would return in 1752. Halley was made secretary of the Royal society, and was appointed the Royal astronomer after succeeding Johnflamesteed, and to go along with that he was assigned a request by the king to map the southern sky's. It was hard, but he succeeded.

So in my understanding he was a hard worker, and studied he stars as best he could. He was a smart scientist who worked for royalty, and others. He was known for his studies of comets. He was also known because of the comet he mostly studied in which was named after him known as Halley's comet.

Now we show you the Barique period

A Time with so much art, and interests.just go a little further down th page.

The Baroque period

According to Britanncica School one of the first appearances of this art were in Italy in the 16 century. It was a period of art were they used affects in the painting to mess with the person's emotional state, and change how they are feeling. The word Baroque comes from the Italian Barocca In which means a obstical in logic. It gave the world a sence of complexion, and it trust. It really made people think to one of conclusions.

also according to new world encyclopedia they believed that mathematics and science had actual relations to music, and they had cosmic relations. They thought there was more to music than it appeared. In addition to that, they also believed that philosophy was apart of religious, and spiritual cannotions. A lot of it came from mostly Greek philosophy. They thought there was a lot more to parts of life than many thought.

So in my other conclusion they took interest in the world. They also put a lot of it in their paintings to make them better. It catches people's eyes, and plays with their emotions. It was a special period of special art. It gave a unique appearance to the world.

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