Come To Texas

You New Life Awaits You

New Colony Starting in Austin Texas and We Want You!

Stephen F. Austin is starting a new community, in Texas, between the western bank of the Brazos River and Colorado River. He is looking for hardworking decent men with families who want to build a new life in a new colony.

Texas has many natural resources for you to take advantage of; plenty of fresh water from the rivers, convenient transportation along the Camina Real, perfect farmland over the rolling hills, and a great supply of lumber from the woods.

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What To Expect

To quote Mr Austin, "A most beautiful situation for a town or settlement. The country back of this place for 15 miles is as good in every respect as a man could wish for, land all first rate, plenty of timber, fine water."

Lots of land for 12.5 cents per acre.

Individuals - 640 acres

With wives - +320 acres

Each child - +160 acres

Each slave - +80 acres

Rules and Regulations

You must be a skilled hardworking and decent man with no military or government background.

By accepting ownership of land or property, families agree to respect the Catholic religion and to obey Mexican laws.

To Apply

You will need a letter of recommendation and a letter written by yourself explaining why you should be considered for this journey. The letter should be written to Stephen F Austin, and delivered to The Driskel Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.