Baby Tom

Life of golden retrievers

Being Born

When baby golden retrievers are born they can not see but the puppy I am about to tell you about is much different and was born with a special talent.Tom was born August, 14 2005.

Finding owners

Tom knew a lot, in fact he was born to see! Once he was born it knew how to take a little care of himself. Some of the things that tom knew how to do was: Walk, of course see, and he knew his manners. So he found a special lady named Paige. Paige took care of baby puppies like Tom.

Tom's Favorite person

Tom thought Paige was really nice, in fact, if Tom used his manners Paige would give Tom a doggy treat. Tom had lived in Paige's house for a year. By the time it was 2005 Tom was 4 months old.

12 months old

Tom thought being 12 months old was fun because he could see really far and he was really smart and knew more of manners, and knew how to potty without help.