Team Endless Possibilities May News

Origami Owl

Welcome to Our Newest Team Members in April

Lauren Belko 4/1

Adalis Rodriquez 4/14

Jamie Putman 4/30


Pat yourself on the backs ladies!! You rocked April!! You set some awesome goals and smashed them!!!

Let's do a litte recognition!!

Congrats to Kimberly Larsen on earning the O2 rolling tote set for reaching Team Leader in March and being paid at Team Leader title again in April. O2 offers an amazing incentive to designers as you begin to build your team!! Reach Team Leader title AND earn at your title the next month and you will receive the O2 rolling tote set and a 50.00 cash bonus!

Now is the best time in O2 history to share the opportunity and grow your team and increase your income! We have the amazing support from each other as well as our Director, Regional Sales Director and New Designer calls from the Nest. Don't limit your earning potential because you think you aren't ready to mentor, you have a whole team here to help you!! Here is the formula for becoming the next Team Leader!!

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A huge shout out to Jessica Belanger and Mayra Pulido on their accomplishement of reaching Owlchiever!! Way to rock your vital behaviors ladies and be consistent.

Owlchiever points not only earn you monthly recognition and prizes from the Nest but also go towards earning the 2017 Incentive trip, a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas in March 2017.

Ways to earn points:

1 pt for each increment of 500 in PV

2 pts for each new designer you welcome to your team when they reach their first 500 in PV

3 pts for each designer on your frontline (personally sponsored) who promotes to Team Leader or by promoting to Team Leader yourself.

Want to know more about becoming an Owlchiever? Log into your back office and go to the My O2 Rewards section under Designer Resources and the program is explained in detail.

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Whoot hoot to the amazing list of designers who reached 250+ in PV in April!! So happy to see such a large list and that each of you had the ability to earn some extra money in the month of April for yourselves, grow your businesses and earn the chance to order the Summer Hostess Exclusive for 25.00 (email will come early to mid May from the Nest) AMAZING!!!


Name April PV

Tami Davis -----1780

Mayra Pulido---- 1546

Kim Larsen------- 1501

Jessica Belanger -----1318

Tammie Saavedra ----841

Ashley Marquez -----587

Lisa Zygelman --------452

Betty Cabanilla -----378

Heather Mills ----361

Ebbie Miller -----300

Jamie Putman----- 250

2nd line:

Lauren Belko ------1003

Donna Abeyta------- 869

Robin Chartier-------- 642

Kelly Burke -------564

Maggy Hutton------- 484

Aspen Arriaga-------- 462

Anita Arreloa -------337

Lorena Bozarth -------286

Teri Black ------272

Lacey Bilbruck------ 263

Glenda Rodriquez -------262

3rd line

Jennifer Cummings -------583

Rebecca Rodriquez------- 349

Sandy Solis ---------------315

4th line

Narce Lopez------------ 846


May team meeting

Tues, May 10 @ 6pm

10434 Oxford Rd

Phelan, CA

June team meeting SOAR Saturday

Sat, June 4 @ 10:30am to 1pm

Please register and purchase your ticket as their are only 40 total available.

This training will be open to ALL designers in our area, not just our team and seats are limited. We will be showcasing the Summer launch, training and working on a guest from the Nest. You don't want to miss out on tips to fill your Summer calendar!

Register at the link here:

Note from me:

2016 has already brought some amazing things to some of you here on the team. I want to reach out to each and everyone of you, if O2 is something you want to pursue beyond a hobby you CAN do it. Obstacles and defeats should never be a stopping block but a lesson to change what isn't working. Those of you who know me personally know one of my favorite things to say is "what you put in to your business is what you will get out." I am a firm believer in this and by working your Vital Behaviors each and every day/month, communicating with your mentor for anything you need, participating in our team Facebook page

and our Regional Facebook page

will give you the tools to overcome any obstacles!!

No matter what you want from your business, just to purchase goodies at a discount, a hobby or a career, if you tell yourself you can't or if you tell yourself you CAN you are right!!

The best tool you can give yourself is the belief in yourself and your ability to do whatever you set your mind to.

So many of you have shared your 2016 goals with me and I cannot wait to see you crush them and am here for whatever you need!!! My contact information is at the bottom of this email and you are always welcome to reach out.

2016 is YOUR year!!!

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