President Eisenhower

Chris Henry

Terms of Presidency

  • republican
  • 1953-1957
  • 1957-1961
  • won both elections by a landslide

Cold War

  • Ended Korean War by signing an armistice
  • Sent troops to Lebanon (1958)

Joseph Mccarthy

  • Anti-Communist crusader
  • accused many people of being communist
  • Nicknamed "Low-Blow Joe"
  • destroyed careers
  • damaged America
  • The majority of Americans approved of his views
  • Eisenhower ignored McCarthy
  • he attacked the U.S. Army for being communist and lost everything

Desegregation in South

  • African Americans segregated under Jim Crow laws
  • Gunnar Myrdal - An American Dilemma in1944
  • Eisenhower didn't show interest in race issue
  • Jackie Robinson - the first black MLB player

Little Rock Crisis

  • 1957
  • Governor Faubus sent the Arkansas National Guard to prevent nine Black students from entering Central High School
  • Eisenhower allowed them to attend class

Brown v. Board of Education

  • segregation was ruled as unconstitutional and broke the 14th amendment
  • separate but equal was false
  • marked beginning of integration

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat where whites sit to go against segregation
  • Inspired Martin Luther King Jr
  • Caused boycott of public transportation
  • caused the ruling of segregated buses unconstitutional in AL

The Civil Rights Act of 1957

  • outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places, and employment
  • Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Republican Policies

  • balance federal budget
  • private power company to compete with New Deal creations
  • Operation Wetback - returned 1 million Mexicans back to Mexico.
  • stopped tribes
  • The Highway Act built many highways and was beneficial to many industries other than the railroad industry

Beginning of Vietnam

  • Nationalist movements had sought for years to throw off the French colonial rule in Indochina
  • By 1954 American taxpayers were financing nearly 80% of the costs of the French colonial war in Indochina.
  • American aid continued despite Frances crumbling attempts
  • The Americans had no choice but to back France because there was no easy way to call off their bet

Space Race

  • Americans were shocked by Russia's Sputnik I and Sputnik II
  • Eisenhower started NASA
  • billions of dollars went to missile development
  • Americas first missile tries were failures
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