Saving the Earth plan!

(from a meteorite)


The Earth is going to be hit by a asteroid the size of the U.S, it is mostly made up of iron. The asteroid was named Doomsday. Doomsday is going to hit Earth exactly one year from now. If under any circumstance Doomsday does not get destroyed than the asteroid will hit Earth's southern hemisphere in an area called Porto Alegre, which is located at the south-east coast of Brazil.

Step one: plan to stop D-1

The first step is to ready up the space ships because the space ships are going to have nuclear fission reactors inside each and every one of them so the space ships could get to the asteroid the fastest way possible, so our time could be most efficiently. The estimated time is 1 month for the ships to be ready for launch towards the asteroid.
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Step two: Loading hydrochloric acid

The ways how we are going to stop the asteroid is to fire space ships full of high concentrated hydrochloric acid and, fire them at the asteroid to slowly eat away the asteroid. To make the asteroid small or completely destroyed. loading the hydrochloric acid would take an estimated 2 weeks to load it into the ship. After the loading the ships are going to be fired at the asteroid. The spaceships will be travailing at 15 miles per second because it will be going faster than the asteroid.
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Step three: (last step)

After the hydrochloric filled spaceships impact on the asteroid It will start to eat it away. The estimated time for the hydrochloric acid to finish its work is 6 to 7 months. For Earth's safety we have to take a few particle beam to destroy what's left of D-1. Also nuclear bombs will be used depending on how much debris is left. This will all take place no where near earth and it will not affect the people of Earth!