Healing Heroes Network

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Healing Heroes Network Group of Medical Professionals

This is an organization that really tugs on your heartstrings. The Healing Heroes Network is a nonprofit charity that helps courageous veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families. There are many of these heroes returning injured, many of which cannot be treated by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, or have just been left on waiting lists. This is where Healing Heroes steps in to help. They provide financial assistance and support for getting these injuries treated, both physically and emotionally.

The main injuries they provide support for is post-traumatic stress disorder, which many soldiers suffer from when returning from war, and traumatic brain injury. These days, medical developments mean that there are fewer deaths of soldiers at war, however many still return with lost limbs, depression or one of the disorders mentioned above, making it difficult to go back to living a normal life. Healing Heroes network’s purpose is to show some appreciation to the soldiers that have fought for the nation and aid them in getting their lives back on track.

Healing Heroes Network is a large group of medical professionals based all over the US. The network relies on generous donations, by selling merchandise, and running fundraisers and events. As it is a nonprofit charity, they completely rely on public support and funding. Volunteers and donations other that money are also encouraged that can go towards helping veteran’s families in need. The group is determined to bring some hope and make a positive difference in the lives of these brave people. Over the past 6 years the charity has provided numerous therapeutic services including counseling, acupuncture, massage and hyperbolic oxygen therapy.

The passion that this group has in helping is overwhelming. Most people are not aware of all injuries that soldiers obtain from the front line, and assume that as long as they arrive back still alive and with no physical injuries, they are fine. This however is typically not the case. These heroic men and women can be suffering from the inside, with many symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, depression, anxiety, headaches and much more. The professionals at Healing Heroes know exactly how to help them on the slow path to recovery, which is the least they and their families deserve.
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