Ways To Improve Your Guitar Skills

By Ciro Abarca Nicolas

How to be better at guitar

Hello my name is ciro and i am going to tell you about "how to be better at guitar". I chose this topic is because some guitarist are lost and does not know how to improve in their guitar skills. This is the way you can start but you have to be patient throughout these tips. I hope you have learned something from these tips.

Tips for learning how to be better at guitar

Here are some tips to be better and improve your guitar skills while you practice. First you could use a tutor book, try to read and learn more about guitar theory. Guitar theory is a way to learn about the guitar and it can show what you are doing wrong. Second thing you can do is learn your favorite song Note-For-Note. If it is a song that you cant play because it is too fast. then slow down your playing and try to play it Note-For-Note until it sounds right and then your going to see how fast you can play it later on. You can use a metronome so it will be easier to play and have better rhythm. Third thing you could do is change your strings and take care of your guitar. If you do not change your strings the string will start feeling uncomfortable and you will not a comfort zone with your guitar. you could clean your guitar too so it can not be dusty and mess up your strings. These are tips that can help you at guitar