El Salvador

Andrea Solis- World Geography- November 9, 2014

El Salvador...An Exotic Destination!

Looking for an exciting new place to explore? Experience the beauty and the unique Latin American culture El Salvador has to offer! Visit Central America's smallest country, filled with flamboyant sceneries from the boundless Sierra Madre Mountains that extend all over this magnificent country to the extensive Lempa River that flows out into the Pacific ocean. Don't miss the opportunity to see and learn about the beautiful Spanish language and exotic dances such as the Dance of the Chapetones. Don't wait any longer and catch a glimpse of this alluring country we call Home!

Religion of El Salvador

Our Beliefs

El Salvador has a variety of different customs and beliefs ranging from Christianity to Protestant , but mainly Roman Catholicism is the most popular with over 57% of the population believing it. Protestant also has a great amount of people who believe in it with over 21% of the population practicing it.

Habla Espanol?

Like almost every other Central American country, El Salvador's mother tongue is of coarse Spanish! The majority of the 7 million residents that live in El Salvador speak Spanish. It is always important to communicate with people, so start by saying Hola! which means Hello.

About the People

Major ethnic groups in El Salvador includes Mestizo 86%, Caucasian 13%, and Amerindian 1% of the population.

Customs and Traditions

Palm Festival

Every year on the first Sunday of the month of May, the small town of Panchimalco celebrates its two patron Saints with striking and colorful parades decorated with flower blooms and traditional dresses and dances.

The Dance of Chapetones

This popular dance is mainly executed in the small town of Panchimalco. Twelve men dressed in fancy attire accompanied by a graceful woman dressed in white start off and dance their traditional movements. This dance imitates Spaniard manners to the music of a delicate Waltz,


The Pupusa is El Salvador's most recognizable dish! It is a small handmade tortilla stuffed with deliciousness. Some stuffing includes beans, cheese, chicken, and pork meat.


Agriculture and Industry

El Salvador's economy has traditionally been agricultural, but services and industry has now employed a greater percentage of workforce and also accounts for a higher percentage of the gross domestic product.

Holidays and Festivals

All Saints Day

This festival that is celebrated on November 1st, honors all Christian Saints. By the evening the people focus on the dead and many go to cemeteries to clean and decorate family graves.

San Miguel Carnival

This festive carnival takes place in November 21st and is celebrated in honor of "Nuestra Senora de la Paz". Celebrated with music, food, and dance it is considered the biggest entertainment in El Salvador!

Independence Day!

September 15 marks El Salvador's freedom from Spain in 1821. Celebrated with parades and fireworks on the beaches it is considered a joyful holiday! The biggest festivals usually take place in El Salvador's capitol San Salvador.
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