aka the sea slug

trimpe, john p.1

habitat / daily changes

The nudibranch is located in the tide pool area of the ITZ.

Daily changes it goes through include:

  • water fluctuation
  • search for food
  • temperature adjustment

The way that the nudibranch deals with these changes is by going deeper into the ITZ, and burying itself in the sand to deal with the temperature.

Special body adaptations / characteristics for survival

  • tentacles used to sense the area around them not always relying on sight
  • can attack poisonous fish and not be affected; and also use the poison to attack other animals.

What is their life like?

  • They live mostly in the high intertidal zone
  • they eat mostly algae, small organisms, and detritus.
  • they are eaten by larger fish, turtles, and other carnivorous fish like sharks