The Hunting Ground Analysis

Rashad Wilson

Thesis Statement

The purpose of the hunting ground documentary was to convience the viewers the lack of attention colleges pay toward sexual assault cases on their campusus, using logos personal stories , and interviews with the faculty of the school.

Element 1: Logos

1. more than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted during college .

2. 88% of women sexual assaulted on campus do not report

3. in the year of 2012 more than 5% of colleges did not report any sexual assault cases

This influence me to believe these cases are true because of the stats they provide like I believe 88 percent of the students didn't report because like they stated in the documentary they didn't want to show / reveal there identity.

Element 2: Personal Stories

1. The Threat the girls was receiving due to reports they filed.

2. How emotional the girls was , the effect it took upon them one girl didn't even want to leave her dorm to attend class. many people did not believe them disguarded them

The personal stories made me believe these issues are true because how they girls explain / showed there emotions. In the documentary therefore it swayed me there way a bit because not just any and everybody going to lie about being sexual assaulted. and get on a documentary and just lie to the world face so it really persuaded me.

Element 3: Fatculty at colleges

1. Some fatculty said they were told not to bring up the case, they made it difficult to make the cases go through

2. How if they reported cases they would lose student enrollment not just that but money also.

3. The Jamis Winston case when they didn't bring it back up into a year later, and how the university didn't want their name out there because of there sports fan base and how t would hadden decrease

The way the staff at the universities , explain how they was forced to not do their job and keep these types of cases hidden and disguise. and these are nothing to play with I believe I would have took the risk and told someone over me or brought it to the board myself if was up to me

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