U.H. Additional Information

Criteria, Constraints, and Assumptions

If you're interested in our company, here are some things you'll need to know.

Criteria- We have a strict rule that explains you must wear a hat someplace on your body when entering our building for any activities you plan to conduct within our buildings. That is all you need to enter, and also all you need to apply for a job with our company.

Constraints- We do not have any constraints, except for the rule that requires any visiting person to be wearing a hat to be accepting within our buildings. We have no constraints because we are sponsored by Slim Yeezus, and he has all the money Donald Trump has, but multiplied by infinity.

Assumptions- When you apply for a job or are just visiting, we assume that you're a pretty cool person. If you lose your chill within our premises, we will have to get Master Blueguay or any of the other security members to expel you from our premises. If this happens to you, you can just come back after 30 seconds, assuming you have a hat on, which may or may not be stolen in your expulsion process.