The Lost Hero

events,title,and objects that convey the theme

Event conveying the theme

When Jason fights the giant.The giant had so many advantages but jason was still able to pull through.Not only was this a sign of courage also since the beginning he has bean showing courage.He was given the part of the leader and he didn't even know who he is. As stated”he woke in the backseat of a bus,not sure where he was,holding hands with someone he didn't even know”.

Event conveying the theme

.Another event is when piper's father went missing she fought her way to him even though she knew the the risk of a monster eating her father.

Title conveys the theme

The title Lost hero puts an image in my mind when I hear lost hero I see someone courageous finding him self by faces all the challenges in his way.The Lost Hero is about heroes, and heroes are about courage. In fact, the plot is basically organized so that each of the main characters gets to prove their bravery Leo by overcoming his childhood fear of his fire powers to zap the Cyclopes; Piper by telling her friends that her dad is kidnapped even though she's afraid the giant will kill him; and Jason by overcoming his fear of failing his friends and taking on one giant.

Object that show the theme

Festus is a symbol of courage because of many things,sadly he was destroyed. Festus was an important role of the team,without him many things wouldn't have been possible. Festus saved them from sun dragons and the cold.He is to symbol of courage because of these actions which drove him to his demise.

object that shows the theme

Finally the medal,this symbolizes the reward for courage for example Piper she rescued her father,Jason has his memory back,and for Leo he doesn't get a reward sadly.