Finish November Strong!

"Persist Until Something Happens"

Do YOU Want to Finish November Strong???

Are you close to qualifying or want to qualify? Maybe you want to earn your volume rebate or stretch yourself for Wrap up the Season? No matter your goal you can achieve it in the next 9 days. It is November and people are already thinking holidays... some people already have Christmas lights up and I just called my girlfriend and she was listening to Christmas music!!! What does this mean? That it is the season to shop and give and you need to be in front of your customers so that your Stella & Dot boutique is the first thing they think of when they want to dazzle someone with a gift and want easy breezy shopping without malls. Below are some fool proof ideas to finish out the month strong. Don't forget there is probably a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal coming up... you'll want a plan in place so that you have guests and customers to chat up these great deals with! So take action today and you'll be so glad you did!

1. Host your OWN trunk show over Thanksgiving Weekend!

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Who will always say "yes" to hosting a trunk show?....YOU! Have you seen the NEW Thanksgiving weekend invitation template in Stylist Lounge? Use it to host a Black Friday (or Saturday) trunk show. There are a lot of women that don't want to be at the mall. Take advantage of family and friends that are in town just for the weekend - it's a great opportunity to catch up with people while you help them with their holiday shopping

2. Stella for the Fellas

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Order some wings and beer and turn on a Sunday football game. Invite the guys over to shop for the ladies in their lives. Before the show, email the ladies with this cute picture and our holiday wish list and ask them to send it back to you with their guy's email and phone numbers.

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Text or email the gents and say "I'm having the guys over for wings, beer & football and some shopping for the ladies in your life." Offer gift wrapping. You can be the hostess or make it a mystery hostess and one lucky lady wins.

3. Wish Lists on your Personal Website!

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Log in to Stylist Lounge and check out which of your contacts have made a wish list (My Business > My Contacts). Reach out to these customers by phone and offer free shipping if they place an order of $50+ before the end of the month. Or, ask them for the special someone's info and you'll contact him/her to help them get their wish list items.

4. Top Purchasers

Log in to Stylist Lounge and email your top purchasers with a link to the Holiday Look Book and a copy of the Holiday Wish List. Follow up with a call and ask them how you can help them with their holiday shopping.

5. Reach out to Rebels!

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Women who have purchased the Rebel Pendant Necklace in gold may also want the silver edition. Go to Stylist Lounge > Orders & Shopping > View Orders/Start Return. In the Search field, select "By Product Name" in the drop down menu and enter "Rebel Pendant Necklace". They system will list every one of your customers that ever purchased the gold version. Pick up the phone and let these stylish ladies know that their favorite necklace is now available in silver! If they don't need the Rebel in silver for themselves, maybe it would make a great gift item for someone on their holiday shopping list. Keep chatting and see if you can get any other holiday shopping done for this customer.

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6. Charmed, I'm sure!

Go to Stylist Lounge > Orders & Shopping > View Orders/Start Return. In the Search field, select "By Product Name" in the drop down menu and enter "initial". This will pull up a list of customers that have purchased an initial charm from you in the past. Reach out to these ladies and see if they would like to add a charm to their existing necklace - let them know about the new Soho charms and the numbers that we've added to the collection. If they LOVE their necklace, maybe there's another lady in their life that would love a charm necklace for a holiday gift.

7. Pop UP Shops!

Go to a pilates studio or gym and offer to do a pop up shop. Everyone is trying to work off their holiday calories. Hair salons and nail salons are also great venues to do pop-up shops

Let's Do THIS!

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xo, Lynn