Iraq Assistance

Should Australia Get Involved?

Iraq War

In Iraq an extremist group called Islamic State(IS) is causing civil war. They want to take over the country and have started with a few small towns in the north. Many civilians have been killed. So the government has asked the US for help.

The History

In 2003 Iraq was at war with Iran. This ran for seven years and ended in 2010. Australia was invoved and lost a lot of men plus there were many civillian casualties. They just got out of Afganistan and don't want to go back to war.

What's Being Done

Over the past month the US government have been sending air strikes. Unfortunatly you can't hit everyone from the air. Australia decided to send weapons but last time it happened Iraq took them then used them against the helpers. Recently President Obama sent troops in. Australia is also sending troops but only to train Iraq soliders. Meanwhile they will launch air strikes from the United Arab Emirates.