The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

October 4, 2015 Edition

Important Dates to Note


10/5 - Wear BLUE for "Week of Respect" and "Bullying Awareness"

10/5- Tier 3 interventions begin

10/6 - Fire Truck Safety visit

10/12 - Schools closed; Staff Development - Free Flu Shots with insurance card!

10/14 - Faculty Council

10/14 - Valic rep visit during lunches

10/14 - PK-5 Grade Level Meetings

10/16- Staff Birthday Breakfast; Fall Birthday Celebrations

10/19 - Faculty Meeting

10/20 - AXA rep visit during lunches

10/20-22 - OW trainings

10/26 - Additional 90-minute meeting

10/30 - SGO & PDP due and entered into OnCourse

10/30 - Halloween Parade

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OnCourse Planner

Just a reminder that I will be starting planbook checks this month. Please see below for the weeks that I will check. Again, remember - we are NOT going to crazy town on these right now :) Just try your best!

1st week: Kindergarten and 1st grade

Canavera, Johnson, Schlette, Seery, Caruso, Drewes

2nd week: 2nd and 3rd grades

Booz, Caulfield, Donovan, O'Shaughnessy, Provenzano

3rd week: 4th and 5th grades

Miller, Stein, Weltz, Davidson, Lambert

4th week: Special Areas

Chalela, Finn, K Phillips, Upperco, White

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Rick Wormeli

Check out the third video clip from Rick Wormeli, on Standards-Based Grading. Rick will be our keynote speaker on October 12th.

Rick Wormeli: Standards-Based Grading
7 Habits of Highly Affective Teachers

And here is an article he wrote about emotional health.

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Sign-Up Genius

All accounts have been set up with District-standardized times for parent-teacher conferences. Every elementary school is working within the same exact time constraints for this year's conferences.

I have checked off staff for each grade level for sign-ups, and any collaborative teachers are also on the grade level emails. Just a reminder - as was the case last year, when parents begin signing up, you will receive an email for each sign-up for the grade level, even if the child is not in your class. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to change that :(

Attached to this email I am also sharing the PowerPoint presentation we used last year to help with our scheduling of particular parents, how to troubleshoot, etc... Please feel free to use one of your PLC meetings this month to discuss if there are any duplicates, parent concerns that you need to schedule ahead of time, etc... If you need to edit any of the times for conferences, please let me know and I will do it for you. Thanks!

Letters about general sign-up information will be sent to parents on October 13th. They will receive another email with your sign-up link the next week, and sign-ups go live at 5:30am on Monday, October 26th, and close at 8pm on Friday, October 30th.

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Buddy Classes

Please complete this Google Sheet signifying your buddy class and meeting times. Thanks!

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Evacuation Drill

As Greg mentioned in a recent email, we will be performing our full-scale evacuation drill this month. I am sharing with you the PowerPoint presentation we used last year in preparation for our drill. It took at total of 45 minutes last year to complete the entire drill, therefore we will use a Gator Gathering schedule, which is as follows:

Gator Gathering

8:35–8:55am Homeroom/MM

9:00-9:30am Gator Gathering

9:35 - 10:05am WIN/Academic Choice

10:07-10:58am Period 1

11:01 - 11:52am Period 2

11:55 - 12:46pm Period 3 – Lunch K, 1st & 5th

12:49 - 1:41pm Period 4 – Lunch 2nd,3rd & 4th

1:44 - 2:35pm Period 5

2:38 - 3:29pm Period 6

3:30pm Dismissal Call

Please make sure you have discussed the idea of the drill with your students, especially those new to our school. Review the PowerPoint so you know where to go, and contact Greg asap with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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Halloween 2015

Please make sure you've read over the Faculty Council meeting minutes from this month - we will be doing a 1920's themed parade this year, as we are celebrating our 90th anniversary! Links to costumes are provided in the FC minutes.

Here are the links Meg sent for the hats:

If anyone is interested in joining the TG Barbershop group, see Lee and Karrin for costumes and ideas!

Draft Schedule for Friday, October 30th:

8:40-9:00am HR/MM

9:00-9:30am WIN

9:33-10:13am 1st period

10:16-10:56am 2nd period

10:59-11:39am 3rd period - Lunch K, 1st, & 5th grades

11:42-12:22pm 4th period - Lunch 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades

12:25-1:05pm 5th period
1:08-1:48pm 6th period

1:50-2:10pm Return to homeroom/change into costumes

2:10-2:20pm Call to blacktop to line up for parade

2:20-2:55pm Parade

3:00-3:30pm Return to HR for parties, dismissal

Please let me know asap if you foresee any problems with this schedule. A map outlining the route and line-up order is attached to this email. PLEASE REVIEW NOW SO WE CAN MAKE ANY NEEDED CHANGES PRIOR TO HALLOWEEN!

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Playground Rules

We are in the process of compiling rules for our playground for our students. Please send Tana any rules that you share with your students when you take them outside. I know there are differences between grade levels (for instance, certain structures our K students cannot go on) and I would like to document them for everyone. Thanks!
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Math and Science - PBL Ideas

If you haven't read Vicky Politsis' latest newsletter, please click on this link. Some great ideas for incorporating PBL into your classroom. Also, some Halloween math too!

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Let Me Run

The PTO running club, Let Me Run, extends an invitation to any Toll Gate staff interested in joining them for a run during one of their practices. They meet Wednesdays at 3:35pm. They have 7 boys participating this year and have had 2 great practices so far. They would love for any staff to get involved as well! Please let me know if you are interested!

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