Laws of News

By: Julia Vasquez

Monday November 12th, 2012

Isaac Newton Himself

Today we interviewed Sir Isaac Newton one of the world's most well known scientist. Newton was born on January 4th, 1643. He was a mathematician, astronomer and a physicist. Isaac studied many topics including gravity, space, stars, motion, math and so much more. Some of Newton's inventions are the reflecting telescope, co inventor of calculus, and he also wrote three books. Sir Isaac Newton told us "If I had seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants". It was a great honor to interview Sir Isaac Newton. Many would never believe that Newton read a manuscript that predicted the world would end in 2060. He soon died on Match 20th, 1727. Isaac died when he was 84 years old. Isaac died of kidney stones. Isaac newton will always be remembered as the greatest scientist who ever lived.

True or Fake

Breaking News! When people think of Isaac Newton, they think of someone sitting under a tree with an apple falling on his head. Well that story is fake! Have you ever seen a painting of Isaac Newton under an apple? Well if you have they're all fake. Most of all the pictures of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple are in cartoon form. The people who made cartoons changed the story so it would be more interesting. In 1666, Isaac was actually sitting in his bedroom looking out the window and happened to see an apple fall to the ground out of the apple tree. After he saw the apple fall from the tree to the ground, he wondered what caused the apple to fall? Soon he got to work studying gravity. He studies in gravity soon lead to his most famous studies "the Laws of Motion". In the following webcasts you will learn more about Newton's Law of Inertia, Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration, Newton's Law of Action-Reaction and everyday examples of his laws.

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Newton's 1st Law

Newton's first law is the most well known and most used in everyday life. Newton's first law is "Newton's Law of Inertia". Inertia measures the objects tendency to remain This law states that an object in rest will stay in rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

Hope Solo

Today we interviewed one of the world's greatest goal keeper, Hope Solo! She is a two time Olympic gold metalist. We asked her what Newton's Law does she use. Hope replied with Newton's Law of Motion also known as the first law. When the ball is coming towards Hope she has to block they ball or change the direction so it doesn't go in. The ball is coming at her in a constant speed in the same direction until she blocks it. The unbalanced force would be Hope's hands stopping to ball.