Clark Weekly News!

Week Ending September 17

Gratitude and Celebration!

Thanks for the scrumptious weekly staff breakfast provided by the family of Ayla Thieme! Who doesn't love Jupiter Donuts???!!!

Huge thanks to Mauricio Villalba for delivering all of our collected bags to LAHIA this week!

Amazing results for Clark students at their swim meet last night! For SouthFork High School, Jonathan Rucker took 1st in the 100 meter butterfly and 2nd in the 100 meter breaststroke where he was just 1 second shy of the win. Jehezkiel Rucker placed 2nd in the 500 meter freestyle. For Jensen Beach High School, Connor Barral placed 2nd as part of a relay, Matt Foust placed 2nd in the 200m relays and 3rd in the 200m medley and Emily Beagle continued to improve her times. Way to go Clark athletes!

Thanks to the parents, students, and staff who offered coverage this week so Mrs. Decker could enjoy a wonderful vacation!

Thanks to the family of Connor Barral for the donation of gift cards for Bingo Night prizes! See everyone there October 8!

Announcements and General Info

Interim grades for Clark classes are available in FOCUS. College grades with Clark teachers will be removed by Tuesday from FOCUS and you should check Blackboard for most current status.

Are you struggling in Math? Tutoring is available from peers as well as our math teachers. Stop by rooms 132 and 133 to see what days and times they are available to help. There is also the Academic Support Center at IRSC. No excuse! If you need help, seek it.

PSAT for all 10th graders and most 11th graders is mid-October. Be on the lookout for an email from Ms. Jones next week with details for signing up as well as resources if you want to prepare some.

JBHS PTA is offering a virtual SAT prep course. See photo and link above.

FSA ELA retakes and Math EOC retakes begin this Wednesday. If you are part of this group, make sure you know when and where to be for testing. Email if you do not remember or stop by.

The kick-off to the IRSC leadership program will take place on Friday, September 24 from 8AM - 3PM at the 48th Annual Leadership Conference taking place on the Massey Campus in Ft. Pierce, V-110. See attached flyer. Students will need to RSVP through the event on RiverLife or I have also attached a handout on our Emerging Leaders Program, which is open to all IRSC students and/or dual enrollment students. Save the Date for our Spring Leadership Summit: Friday, February 4 from 9AM - 1PM on the Chastain Campus, C-101.

If you need health, vision, or dental care and cannot afford it, there may be resources available through Children's Emergency Resources. Contact to see if you qualify.

Many events coming through IRSC for Hispanic Heritage Month (see attachment). There is also a statewide contest. See more here:

School shirts should arrive by the end of the month. We may have some extras to sell if you missed out. Stay tuned!

We are still collecting paper towel tubes for Hobe Sound Wildlife Refuge. Box near the front desk.

Volunteers are needed for the Stuart Air Show. Dr. Judd is the volunteer coordinator for this event, so email her for more info or if you are over 16, register as a volunteer here: You must sign up before October 1 to be guaranteed a shirt, food, and even a spot to be assigned.

Bingo Night is October 8. Join the fun! Donations can be dropped off to the front office. Be on the lookout this week for the RSVP link to come out and play!

Senior grad bash survey last call! Fill out the survey sent a couple weeks ago by Dr. Judd so we can finalize cost to attend.

Seniors and parents: plan to attend the very informative Senior Night on Sept. 28.

Reminder for all students that the IRSC Academic Support Center is located in the C building. Here is the link TO SO MANY RESOURCES and the TUTORING SCHEDULES shared by the ASC Manager Elaine Howell at Thursday night’s (soon to be renamed) Parents as Partners session. (Note: you can get to this page by searching for “tutoring” from IRSC homepage.)

Senior photos can be taken at the Cady studio or at Clark on 10/6. You must make an appointment at The sitting fee is $30. If there is financial hardship, please contact to discuss options.

Clark students and family are invited to walk or run in this upcoming 5K to support the local rowing club for students.

All students should be able to access both Clark and IRSC email and be checking these daily for important messages and updates. If you still cannot access these, you must see Mr. McCrory or Mr. Fears for help ASAP. College instructors will not accept excuses for not knowing how to access Blackboard and email.

Meet YOUR 21-22 Student Government Officers!

The following leaders have stepped up to represent our students and school this year on SGA. Take a look at their campaign videos. All are qualified for the positions they are seeking and happened to have run unopposed, so no voting necessary, but get to know who they are anyway!

President is Juliana Sequeria. While there is no video, she spoke at the last assembly, so she should be a face you know. She was elected last Spring.

Marie Juliano Vice President

Jessica Morales Secretary

Anabella Gonzalez Treasurer

Sam Vinci Senior Class Rep

Callahan Kendall Sophomore Class Rep

Lauren Cioffi Junior Class Rep

Maryam Ali Historian

Laney Dyer Junior Class Rep

Jasmine Nunez Sophomore Class Rep


National Art Honor Society (NAHS) first meeting will take place on 9/21/2021 after school. Looking forward to welcoming new faces (and welcoming back existing members) to this creative honor society!

Computer Science Club is always ready to welcome new members. Stop by room 128 to ask Mr. Fears for more details.

Girl Up! has great things planned for the rest of the semester. Interested students can join our google classroom to be kept up to date. code: ms7gk4f

Book Club will be reading Scythe by Neal Shusterman. Students and staff who read the book this month are invited to discuss during lunch on 9/24 in the KR. All students are invited to read and chat!

The ping pong table is available during lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Join the fun as a participant or a fan!

Interact Club meetings are every Monday during lunch in the Dome. They are currently raising funds for Water for South Sudan, which drills wells for people in South Sudan providing them clean drinking water in their community. One of the ways Interact is raising funds is Change 4 Change and will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, September 29th and 30th. Students with jars will be collecting loose change at the morning drop-off (at 7:30-7:50am), at lunchtime (12:15-12:50pm), and at afternoon pick-up (2:20-2:30pm). Donations of cash – bills and checks – are also readily accepted! Thank you!

Puzzle time! Do you love working puzzles? Stop by the table near the front desk and put a few pieces in during your off blocks. Don't forget, we also have colored pencils for the giant coloring pages near the knowledge room if you want to relax, too!

Every Day is a Celebration!

Enjoy those recognized and celebrated this week and make sure to submit your good news through the following link: or email

Make a Difference Mondays! LAHIA is a program just down the street from Clark that provides meals and job training for homeless individuals. They are always in need of bug spray and sunscreen. They also used grocery bags for takeout meals. Our collection in is full, so please see Mrs. Kohuth or Dr. Judd if you can take the big bag of bags to LAHIA this week.

Take Care Tuesdays! Some students turn to substances to manage emotions. However, this never has a good result. There is definitely help available to find positive ways to manage emotions. Ms. Jones has many resources to help!

Way to Go Wednesdays! Shout out to Emma Brazee who saw Dr. Judd carefully balancing many items on her way to lunch and quickly grabbed some of them to get them safely to the table. And along the same lines, Colton Smith noticed Mrs. Kohuth with arms full last week and also took a moment to help lessen the load for her. A little kindness when you see someone in need is always appreciated! Thanks, Emma and Colton!

Thankful Thursdays! This is a good reminder to be grateful for the gift of education. Did you know that in many countries, and even in our community, teens are unable to attend school or be educated because they must provide and/or care for their families? Stay tuned for info from Interact about how you can help build a well in South Sudan and help children get clean water easily so they can go to school.

Fun Fact Fridays! Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787 by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Publicly funded educational institutions and federal agencies celebrate the day by providing educational programming about the history of the Constitution. Video message here:

Big picture

Handbook Highlight

At orientation, all students and parents signed a green form acknowledging many Clark expectations. Some students and parents might need this reminder. Clark is such a wonderful place to learn because we hold high expectations. Being re-enrolled each year is a privilege. As stated on the document:


I agree to attend school regularly. I agree to miss class only due to illness. When I am out sick, I agree to email my instructors and have a parent/guardian email Mrs. Wood ( the morning of my illness unless it is an emergency. In the case of an emergency, I will email my instructors and will notify Mrs. Wood that I am ill as soon as possible. I agree not to skip class and understand that if I am caught skipping class I will face disciplinary action as stated in the Code of Conduct.  I have read this statement and understand.

Communicating with College Instructors

I understand that Clark staff are the point of contact for parents/guardians to discuss academic progress in a Clark-based college course or request information about school or classroom activities. IRSC faculty are the first point of contact for students to discuss academic progress in IRSC-based classes, and they will only speak with parents/guardians if given signed permission from the student. I understand that parents/guardians do not have direct access to college instructors or to my academic records.  I have read this statement and understand.

2. Students leaving the Clark building during the normal school day will faithfully adhere to the following:

 Attend all scheduled classes and other assigned activities on time

 Demonstrate responsibility and reliability

 Maintain Clark’s high academic standards and make adequate academic progress

 Abide by Clark Student Code of Conduct and IRSC rules, procedures, and policies

Parent/ Guardian Info

In addition to using substances to cope with feelings, many teens also turn to self harm. Read a brief article here to learn more about this topic.

We have a wonderful counselor on site from Tykes and Teens during the week. If your student is ready for professional intervention, contact Ms. Jones to begin the referral for services process.

Link to record/ submit parent volunteer hours:

Parents- make sure to set up your parent FOCUS account to be able to see grades, attendance, tardies, test scores and more! Instructions here: