Canada and USA Relation

By: Samantha Oleson

Economic Similarities of the USA and Canada

There are no tariffs between trading with Canada and the USA. Out of the whole world the USA and Canada have the largest investment relationships! Canada has a large amount of Uranium that they trade with the USA for our power plants. The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) reduced the trade barriers between USA and Canada.

Social Similarities of the USA and Canada

The main religions in both the USA and Canada is Christianity and non-religion or unstated. The least popular religion is Hinduism. The biggest ethnic group is white. In the USA it is white/american and Canada is white/European. The population in the USA is by far more than Canada. The official languages English and French in Canada and there is no official language in the USA, but English is a main language.

Some picture about Canada and the USA!

Political Similarities of the USA and Canada

The government in Canada is Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, while the USA is Federal presidential constitutional republic. The military expenditures are so much less in Canada than in the USA. The USA has over 600 billion while Canada has only 18 billion. The largest city in Canada id Ottawa, Ontario. The Largest city in the USA is New York City, New York. Canada and the USA are very close in area size.

Sources of Information

I used the packet for my information.