World Kindness Day

November 13th

Why World Kindness is Important

Everyone on this planet needs happiness, no matter what. World Kindness Day is a day for a random act of kindness, or a nice gesture. Unfortunately, this amazing day is not known to many, so it is up to the people to get it out there!
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Kindness is not a tangible item. It is not something that could be bought. It is not suppose to be a scarce resource, but as the world changes, so does our way of life. With anonymous social media posts and less friendly websites, being kind is becoming more "above and beyond" than simply expected. Having World Kindness Day become a national holiday would remind people to think before they comment or question. It would awaken people to what our world would be like if everyone was treated equally, and with respect. Be kind and be happy.
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The World Needs Your Help

Worldwide kindness could start with just one person. Kindness could be shown be just a simple smile to a stranger having a bad day, or even helping your parents with the groceries. Start with yourself and this November 13th, spread kindness. Help this monthly holiday, become something celebrated around the glob! Make World Kindness Day a national holiday!