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Feul Cell Engineer

What They Do

Feul cell engineers try to sovle the energy crisis by using a new invention called the feul cell. These feul cells create electric energy by removing the electrons from hydrogen by using oxegen to pull them threw a membrene. The electrons are removed when the hydrogen goes through the membrane and then they travel around it. This creates rotation creates electricity.

Benifits to Society

These scienentists' goal is to stop our dependency on fossil feuls. If they succede the amount of pollution caused by transportation will dramaticaly decrese. You could create your own energy in your backyard. Global warming will almost be brought to a halt. Also nature won't be disrupted for oil drilling.

Companies That Hire in This Feild

Education Reqirement & Skills/Personality

In order to become a feul cell engineer you need to have at least a Bachelers Degree. You must be very talented with your hands, a 3-D mind set, flexibility, curiosity, determination, creativity, be able to deal with failure, and be soicial.

Annual Salary/Projected Job Growth

The annual salary is aproxamentaly 79,230 dollars and the projected job growth is 13%.