1B Weekly News

May 26, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Waters

It is hard to believe that we are nearly finish the the school year. Just like last week, no homework will go home; however, we do want the student to continue reading books, from home or online, every night. Your child should also continue to play a math game or complete an activity on IXL.

Have a great weekend!

School Announcements

From the Library

  • On June 2nd, 5th, and 6th, students and parents may check out up to 15 books per account for summer reading. This can be done: 1. If student is returning to ASD in the fall. 2. With a signed parent permission form - attached.

  • The Summer Reading Program's theme this year is Dragon Dreams and Daring Deeds. Students who read 30 picture books or 6 chapter books during the summer, write them down, get them signed by a parent, and return the paper to the school in August will receive a free book from the library. (Students may also do a combination of types of books - 5 picture books = 1 chapter book). There is a Summer Record sheet attached as well.

The Ramadan hours for students are 9:00 am to 2:30 pm as per previous emails and announcement in Sahifa.

Dragon Bands

Remember to plan for the secure storage of your children's’ Dragon Bands and Dragon Cards. The school will not be collecting or holding cards or bands over the summer, so each family is responsible for ensuring safe keeping of these. Lost cards or bands will require the purchase of a new one to begin the year at a cost of QAR 50 per band or card. Balances on Dragon Cards and Bands carry forward from year to year, so you may want to top up before you leave to ensure that there are funds on your family account for the start of school. Thank you for making plans to ensure safe storage of these cards for a smooth start of the new school year.

Gate 6

Gate 6 will be open for use starting Sunday, May 29 and Gate 5 will close. The change of gates for the last two weeks of school is to facilitate construction of the new Learning Support classrooms for opening as early as possible, and to improve pedestrian traffic flow through campus. Gate 6 is situated 50 meters further down the road from Gate 5, towards Al Saad and students should be dropped off at Gate 6 in the mornings starting Sunday, May 29. The play area and access to Lower Elementary through the entrance adjacent to Gate 5 will be closed off as well to support safe construction of the Learning Support classrooms.

Important Dates

Now until June 9: ABC countdown
June 6:
Crazy Hair Day for Elementary