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Important Canvas Parent Account Updates & Information

Creation of Parent (Observer) accounts have been updated. The Canvas Parent 2.0 will be released by the end of July and includes a simple pairing code with a student and parent instead of student username and password.

A summary of the changes:

-Canvas modified the parent self-registration flow to use pairing codes instead of student username and password, which comes with two benefits:

  • Pairing codes enable self-registration regardless of how students authenticate with Canvas (username/password only worked as long as students were using Canvas authentication)
  • Pairing codes are more secure than password sharing; they last 24 hours and can only be used once. After the pairing code is used, it expires, the observer remains paired with the student, and anyone who tries to use that pairing code again to self-register will receive an error.

-Self-registration works from the parent app. Now parents will be able to self-register as observers from Canvas web or the parent app, and the account they create will work on both platforms. No more duplicate parent accounts, and no more need for parents to connect to a student from web and mobile separately.

-An account permission allows pairing codes to be generated on behalf of students.

-Parent app works for all observers, regardless of whether the observer was created through self-registration, manually by an admin, SIS import, or whatever else.

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