Summer Institute

July 24-25 & July 26-27

The District Professional Development Committee is planning to present another Summer Institute!

Share your knowledge. Be a presenter!

The institute will be held Mon. and Tues., July 24 and 25 (first session) and Wed. and Thurs., July 26 and 27 (2nd session). This would be a great way to share your expertise and make some extra money this summer!

Presenters will earn $300 for each two day session!


· Must have a Master’s Degree. If team teaching a class, only one of the instructors need a master’s degree.

· Will get paid $300 for the 12 hours of each session. If team teaching, the pay is ½.

· Will need to submit a proposal by completing the link in this form by Friday, March 31st.

· Need to word the proposals exactly the way you want it to be when sent to the district and SBU.

· May propose to teach one class session or both class sessions. A class session is required to meet a total of 12 hours for SBU credit.

PDC is working for you!

The committee is very excited to be able to offer the district another great opportunity for professional development! If you have any questions, please e-mail Angie VanDeren.