Come Visit Earth-The Blue Planet

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A little bit of History

Altered beautifully by the life forms that have inhabited it, the history of earth is fluctuations of joy and abundance and disaster. But every time the earth lives on through the life that continues to change it. And it can be yours to visit! And there are so many reasons why you should.

Trip to Planet Earth

Friday, April 29th, 5pm

Planet Earth, Solar System, 4th Quadrent of the Milky Way

Planet is mid-sized, it is the 4th from its native star

It has one satellite, called Earths Moon, and it has a few unique features. It is mostly made up of water, with the Pacific Ocean taking up about a third of its surface. It has deep canyons, landmasses with varying features, and relatively tall mountains for a planet its size.

Some Unique aspects about the planet-

Planet earth has a tilt about its axis, which causes variations in climate over the course of its revolution. It is approximately 23 degrees, which gives it 4 major seasons, called Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The Earth Rotates every 24 hours about its own axis, and one earth year is about 365.25 days. The earthlings compensate for that every fourth year with an extra day. The energy that is used to sustain its life if found in its star. Nuclear fission releases an enormous amount of energy that is used by its lifeforms. Mainly its plants use it to metabolize sugars, witch the other organisms use for their energy.

Just a bit of physics on the Planet as well.

The neighborhood of Earth is called the Solar System, composed mainly of round celestial bodies. This is because the force of gravity on these objects acts in all ways inward from its center of mass, making it into a spheroid shape. They measure long distances in light years, which are 186,000 meters per second. And in the end, it is the universal force of gravity that acts on all objects in the solar system, rotation and revolving about one another.

Being Prepared

If you are interested in this journey, you should be prepared with supplies to help you survive. Across the universe species range exceptionally, so this will be different for everyone. Earth has an incredible variety in climates and weather, so bring a lot of water (or equivalent) when visiting the desert, if you are a being that gets cold, a covering for the tundra is appropriate, and if you cannot get wet, a covering for the rain forests is appropriate as well. Also, some supports if you are here for an expended state, the earthlings have adapted to low gravity levels, but a being from harsher environments could lose a lot of muscle on the wimpy 9.8 m/s^2 acceleration found on earth

Planet Earth

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Vising the Blue Planet-

Visiting earth is a must for anyone looking for an adventure From the tall Himalayas to the deep recesses of the Ocean, planet earth had the life and geography that will awe anyone who visits. With varied climates, and even natural disasters, earth is an adventure for everyone!

The Big Reasons Inlcude

An unique atmosphere and gravitational force for all beings. A unique and very abundant stream of life. Humanoid creatures who build pretty fantastic things. Large sea and land life that is every o curious to look at.

So some visit us sometime! We would love to have you!