Mrs. Rumbolt's Grade One

December Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for coming and supporting your child at Student-Led Conferences! They love showing off what they know to their favorite person (people) in the whole world!

Please read through this newsletter and email me with any questions!

Mrs. Rumbolt

Important Information:

  • RAZ KIDS: Information was sent home earlier this week! Please let me know if you have any questions about using it at home. Keep up the awesome reading kids!
  • WEEKLY NEWS: We are still doing weekly news. It is a meaningful way to work on sight words, letters, sounds, etc. that we are currently learning. If you can think of anything you would like me to include (even the smallest thing can seem so exciting to a group of grade ones) please email me. The students also love seeing pictures of pets, pictures from trips, etc.

  • CANTEEN ENVELOPES: Canteen envelopes now come in a paper form. Please send form filled out and attached to a bag/envelope with money.

  • CLASSROOM CHRISTMAS PARTY: A note will be coming home Monday if it is your turn to send in an item. Please let me know ASAP if you cannot bring the item listed.

  • SLEDDING PARTY: We will be having a sledding afternoon the last week before the break (date to be determined). I will let you know when decided so you can arrange for your child to bring in their sled. Also, we have some extra sleds at the school so no worries if one cannot be sent that day.

Upcoming Important Dates:

- Friday, Dec. 11th: 11:30am dismissal day

- Wed. Dec. 16th: Aspen Grove Christmas celebration (more information to follow)

- Friday, Dec. 18th:

  • Christmas hat day
  • PJ day (just for our class)
  • Classroom Christmas party (reminder to those assigned to bring food)
  • Last day before the break

- Monday, January 4th: First day back

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Table Talk

This is where I share a few things that we have been learning in class, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

1) Sight words- Thank you so much for your at home practice of these words! REPETITION AT SCHOOL AND HOME IS KEY AS THESE WORDS ARE OFTEN TRICKY AND NOT MEANINGFUL! Please make up index cards at home and practice, practice, practice!

2) Math- In math we are working in depth with numbers 10-20 (printing, building, counting, comparing sets, dot collections, etc.). As we move into teen numbers, emphasizing the group of ten in the number is very important. For example in the number 12, there is one group of ten and two ones.

Adding/subtracting- Please present opportunities for practice in daily life. As we move into subtraction, the skill of counting backwards becomes very useful. Please practice counting backwards from 20-1 during car rides, while timing your child to clean up, etc. Be creative! :)

3) Science- We are continuing to discuss seasonal changes. We will begin our "Building Things" unit shortly after Christmas Break.

4) Letters/Sounds- Continue to review weekly letters/sounds listed in the "Practice Page". Ask your child the action and character. Please note, we are getting into some more difficult sounds now. Please review the letter combinations that go with the sound at home.

5) Writing- Writing concepts we have been working on are using periods, proper spacing, saying words slowly to listen for sounds, as well as reading the sentence over to make sure it sounds right and makes sense. Ask your child to tell you some things that good writers do. This is often a prompt I use at writing time.

Ask your child what a "noun" is (something we can draw and write)? Is the word "pig" a noun? What about the word "the"?

6) Words their Way- W.T.W. sorts come home every Friday. Have your child review their sort with you. Each child is working on their own specific sort that is at a good fit level for their learning needs (hence why it's called words their way).

7) Computers/Ipad- We have been using Raz kids, Starfall as well as various other learning apps on the ipad. Our classroom brain breaks are through "Go Noodle". Feel free to start up a free account and get your kids dancing/moving over the break!

8) Reading- We are continuing to practice solving unknown words while reading with a partner, as well as reading in small groups with me. Please encourage your child to be independent in solving unknown words, you only helping as a final strategy. Please refer to "Ways to take Action" bookmark while reading with your child, for a variety of strategies we use in the classroom.

Ask your child who our "Author of the month is"? ... Dr. Seuss

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