By Katelyn Pancheri

I would like to go to Germany. Why would I want to go to Germany because I know a girl named Bella who lives there. Where in the world is it well Germany is a country with a very large population which is located in the continent/region of Eurupe. Who would I go with mom, dad, Madison my sister, and my grandma plus my grandma's dog. What kinds of fun things you can do there first eat German chocolate. Second go see the castles in Germany. Last go on waterslides with your friends from Germany if you have any friends from Germany if not go with your family or friends from wherever your city, country or state. When is a good time of the year to go there anytime every season has it's charm as well as it's pitfalls it depends on if your from some where warm or cold Germany is a great place to go. How would you get there well I would fly because I am far away from Germany but people who are close would drive.