Inspired Gems April Updates

Be the best version of you!

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March Team stats

Congratulations to an amazing month. $8,185 total sales.

Leah Hatfield $1616

Jessica Aman $1,256

Mary Gideon $1,181

Leah Koskinen $ 1,181

Brittany Hulslander $1,086

Heidi Riggs $415

Heather Robidouix $405

Mechelle Lisek $262

Lisa Gibb $245

Sally Heckert $212

Theresa Alker $160

Dale Sloan $93

Sally Casselbury $52

Kelly Cress $22

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Why Invite?

You will get this gorgeous watch and so will the person you invite. You also receive $50 when they reach $500 in sales during their fast start. You are also building our team community which is awesome. And, if you ever go into leadership your invitee can go with you on your team.
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Congrats on the pop up queen raffle

Great job Leah Hatfield! Leah earned $150 in credits for our raffle in the pop up queen contest.

Let's here it for this month's $500 club!

Leah Hatfield

Jessica Aman

Mary Gideon

Leah Koskinen

Brittany Hulslander

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Launching April 5th

32 new pieces, dainty and silver-loving customers will adore!
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Do you know all the places you can go to get tips?

  • Merch Perch provides so much you have to pop in there and check it out
  • Face Book Groups Candi marketing, Chloe and Isabel National Page, our team page you can find graphics, ideas, chat with other merchandisers
  • The content center, directly links to your fb and pinterest
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We all have them, they run through our thoughts all day. I can't do that because I don't know enough, it's not the right time, I don't have the time,

it's already been done and on and on. The truth is that those barriers only exist because we allow ourselves to go there and we don't stop it. There is always a way around anything, When you can open up the idea that you live in a world that can offer you whatever you put your focus on you can take those barriers out of the picture. You can go to school, learn something new, find a mentor, find a friend. Really it is all here for us.

Need help getting going?

It doesn't matter what you've done or not. It's how you move forward if you want to get back into it I'm here. I don't pressure or go over goals I just help you find your way.