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So one thing we know about Dragon Ball is that there’s always an overpowered villain that just lays waste to any and everyone he/she comes across. Battle of Gods introduces us to Bills, a god of destruction who awakens every thirty years to destroy a few planets before returning to his slumber…or cat nap.

The interesting thing about Bills is that he seems more entertaining than menacing. There wasn’t really a feeling of him being ‘evil’, but more of “Hey, this is just what I do and I’m rather bored with it.” Bills becomes aware of a “Super Saiyan God” and jumps at the chance to take him on. Bill’s power is so far advanced than the other villains before him that it only takes him a few seconds to take out Super Saiyan Goku 3.

The major difference between Bill’s encounter and the other Dragon Ball villains is that instead of Goku and the gang losing early on, then Goku going somewhere far, far away to train, then coming back at the last minute to save the day with enough unimaginable power to humiliate the villain, Bills even takes out the new Super Saiyan God! When is the last time we saw this happen in the DB universe?

Battle of Gods is a testament to how far animation has developed over the years. The use of CG animation sparks of the most gorgeous fight scenes in this movie. Dragon Ball fights have always been about explosions, power ups, bright pulsating lights of all colors and it’s extremely amazing to to witness the enhancements in the art and camera effects.