Instructional Technologist


Standard 1

Visionary Leadership

I included my journal as an artifact which basically states that my district follows the Danielson Model where student lead classrooms are the goal. To show my visionary leadership I can say specifically, as one strategy for sustaining ever changing technology, I allow my students to engage themselves by using our smart board

Standard 2

Teach, Learn, Assess

Below I have included my multimedia project from our last course. This is a great example of how to differentiate for English Language Learners based on their readiness levels.

Standard 3

Digital-Age Learning

Included is a video tutorial on how to manage and maintain resources on SmartExchnage. Its my favorite site to share with others. Why re-invent the wheel?

Standard 4

Professional Development

Included is a Professional Development Video on Teachers Pay Teachers site. Also included is a survey to determine if needs were met.

Standard 5

Digital Citizenship

I included our project about cyber bullying and digital safety. This is a good piece of work to have to educate my student's every year on laws on the internet and awareness to cyber bullying.

Standard 6

Content Knowledge

This year I attended a technology summit in Lower Hudson Valley. We learned so many new tools to use during instruction, which one day I can use when I have access to technology in my building.