Texting and Driving

Texting & Driving = Death


23% of auto accidents are from texting and driving

1.3 million texting related crashes

82% of Americans own a cellphone

52% say they have been on phone while driving

34% admitted to texting and driving

5 seconds when you look or text

23X more likely to get in accident when texting

up to a $160 ticket for texting and driving

48% of kids have been in a car when the driver is texting

15% of teens have seen their parents text and drive

27% of adults have sent a text while driving

Same as drinking 4 beers

number one distractor

1,600,000 accidents related to texting per year

6x more likely to get in a accident then intoxicated

Many states have laws against texting and driving.
People who text and drive spend 10% of their time out of their lane
Texting and Driving is a serious that results in many lives lost per year. You should never drive texting it can harm you or anyone else. 11 teens die a day from texting and driving.


you need to educate your teen(s) about the danger of texting and driving. If they are educated they have a less chance of texting and driving.Take the pledge!