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Week of November 26, 2018

Empowering Students Isn't Easy

It means giving the control to students, investing in our students interests and giving them the skills to explore them! If we want to be innovative, we have to give our kids that control.
Relevance and Why It Matters - A Must Read!

4 strategies to keep your students engaged in school.

Safety Tip..They say the door cannot be opened! Give it a try and let us know.

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3 Week Progress Reports - This Friday!

  • Students may regain eligibility this Friday at 3:45pm by passing all classes with a grade of 70 or above. Please make sure all grades have been updated in TXEIS.

    It is our responsibility to make sure our students and their parents are fully aware if they are in jeopardy remaining ineligible. It should not come as a surprise to any of our students or parents. That means phone calls, emails, or conferences must be had.

    Please remember to document all communication with parents through SchoolStatus.

Nuts & Bolts


  • You will be receiving another email on Monday indicating the number of failures you currently have in all classes. Please begin communicating with parents your concerns through SchoolStatus.

  • EOC testing will be next week for those that need to retest. Mrs. Gillum will be communicating with those that will be administering the EOCs.

Upcoming Events

November 26
  • CTE/Elective Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Boys Basketball @ SHS, 5:00pm
November 27
  • Math/Science Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Girls Basketball @ Hebron, 5:00pm

November 28

  • English/SS Department Meetings @ 7:45am

November 29

  • Boys Basketball Tournament @ SHS
  • Girls Basketball Tournament @ Chapel Hill

November 30

  • Boys Basketball Tournament @ SHS
  • Girls Basketball Tournament @ Chapel Hill
  • Theater Fall Production @ SHS, 7:00pm

December 1

  • SAT Test
  • ATSSB Auditions @ SHS
  • Boys Basketball Tournament @ SHS
  • Bass Fishing Tournament @ Ray Hubbard
  • Theater Production @ SHS, 7:00pm

Week of December 3rd

  • EOC testing Monday - Thursday


  1. It is due February 28, 2019, by 4:30 pm. (Every certified teacher is required to participate.)
  2. It should be posted outside your door as well as on your website on the Welcome page.
  3. It must be based on a Performance Assessment (PA) from TEKS Resource System unless your subject doesn't have any PAs (ie Fine Arts).
  4. It must be a student creation; we have 2nd-grade students AppSmashing (using 2 or more apps to create a final product), so our expectations are growing!

Tammy will be sharing different tools you can use with the PAs as well as daily in your class for students to create. We will be talking more about it, but I wanted it on your radar. This isn't something you should stop and do; it should be something you are doing in your curriculum at any time in the first four six-weeks of school (plus a little more). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Performance Assessments with Tools

App Smashing:

Example based on PA -

I Leave You With This...

Having a successful team does not mean that everyone must have the same desires and motivations. But every team member must channel those motivators toward performing at his best and doing what is best for the team. ~ Nick Saban
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