Book One: the abduction

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Book review

Kidnapped; Book One: the abduction

Gordon Korman

Baltimore, Maryland

Scholastic Book Clubs


First edition

137 pages


  • ISBN-10: 0439895529
  • ISBN-13: 978-0439895521

Do you love true stories? Stories about a real life high school teenager? Hanna Anderson was abducted by 3 masked men as Aiden Falconer watches in horror. For about 6 days she was abducted after her mother was killed. Her friends and family desperately try to chase down the abductor, but you have to read the rest to find out the rest. I truly did enjoy the book because i want to be a police officer and i enjoy to read about crime and stuff. It was another goof book. This book was a very easy read. When I looked at information about the author i saw he mostly wrote book to fifth graders. Anyone that reads this book should enjoy this book and should be very easily read. Hanna Anderson was abducted and it was a horrifying experience for her and her family.