VCR Presentation 10

Michelle V. Sanchez

Fill In The Blank

Because of the high percentage of similarity on, Alice had to rewrite her paraphrases and reduce the number of quotes used so she would not be penalized for _____________.


adjective. False; counterfeit; doubtful, especially in authorship or authenticity

APO<G "away from"

apocrypha, n; Apocrypha, n

Synonyms & Antonyms

Synonyms: fabricated, false, unverified, unauthenticated, fictitious

Antonyms: authentic, legitimate, valid, distorted

Choose the letter in which the bold-face type is used incorrectly.

a. Because her alibi was found to be apocryphal, she was charged heavily for perjury once authorities discovered the truth about her whereabouts the night of the murder.

b. The inventions and innovations of technology have caused a great number of students to cheat and submit apocryphal work to their teachers.

c. To the family's excitement, their winning lottery ticket was apocryphal.

d.In the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the young boy did not receive help from the villagers when there was actual danger because they had had enough of his previous apocryphal stories.