January News

Kicking off 2016 with Positivity and Fun!

Whats happening!

We sent out links to our Survey Monkey and we heard you! Going thru the positive things as well as what parents want to see more of, we have come up with some changes. We are looking in to adding a calendar in the hallway where all classrooms can add things to so parents can see things weekly. We are also contact Tadpoles to see if we can set up messages ahead of time to remind parents of different activities that are happening monthly. We do ask that you keep checking notes and announcements within each class as well as tadpoles.

We had our inspection the week before Christmas and we are happy to report this is at least our 5th perfect inspection in a row! Thank you parents for helping keep our files up to date with all the paperwork that it required. Our classrooms were safe and in compliance and we got rave reviews from a new inspector! Congrats to all the teachers for caring about ACP and showing pride in their job!

Infant I

The end of 2015 has gone bye bye and we are saying hello to the year 2016. The calendar tells us winter is here but Mother Nature is not ready yet. On January 4th, Sasha will have his first day in the one year old room. Later in the month Avalyn and Maame will be going to the ones too. They all will have a great time learning new and wonderful things!! We will be welcoming a new baby boy on the 4th! Arten, who has his big sister in pre school named Ava has just begun. We are excited to get to know him! With the three of them moving over to the ones, that makes Arabella the oldest in the room at 9 ½ months. Blake and Rylee are busy playing and babbling. If we get cold this winter stay warm and cozy. ~Miss Terri, Miss Ronda

PS Thank You to the parents who gave us gifts
Thank You to Melissa for our meal and gift
Thank You to our Secret Santa

Infant II

Happy New Year! Now is the time to be getting over the holiday craziness and get back into our routine. We hope everyone had a great holiday and we really appreciated the gifts we received. The kids also enjoyed opening the gifts Santa brought. We only had a few tears during his visit and most were ok with sitting for a picture and giving Santa a hug or high five.
We love doing lots of art projects and activities with our class and this months themes will be Snow Fun, "One Mitten", and Arctic Life and Animals. Keep a look out for some artwork to come home. They may only be one year olds but they try! Even though lately the weather can't make up its mind, when the sun does shine we will try to get out for a few minutes so don't forget the coats, shoes and hats. They love the fresh air! Everyone is growing up so fast in our room. Our oldest kiddo Hunter graduated to Toddler 1! This month we will welcome three friends from the infant room and one new to our center! Just a reminder for parents to check cubbies and Tadpoles reports to see how your child's day was and if they need anything. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, leave a note, or send an email. We're ready to start the New Year. So long 2015...HELLO 2016!

Miss Laura & Miss Stephanie

Toddler I

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! December was such a fun month! We were so surprised that we had NO TEARS with Santa's visit! We are excited about the new year ahead! January's Author of The Month is Raymond Briggs most known for "The Snowman". We have 2 full weeks devoted to Letters Of The Month. "I" & "Q". For Letter I we will do ice cube painting, make icicles, talk about ice, igloo's and have an ice cream party. For the letter Q, we will read a "Q" book, make a paper quilt, and make a queen. We will also be learning about opposites. Hot/cold, big/small, in/out, and loud/quiet. The last week of the month we will be working on a family project. We will be sending home a questionnaire about your family.
Now that we are actually beginning to actually have some frigid weather, please be sure your child have appropriate change of clothes in the cubbies. We will still go outside so please be sure your child have a hat & gloves. Also, please be sure everything is labeled with your child's name as it's impossible for us to remember which items belong to who.
Thank you for being such great and supportive parents!! Let us know if you or your child needs anything! ~Heather & Steve

Toddler II

Wow, what a crazy winter so far. These temperatures are so warm you would think springs around the corner. This month we would like to start off by saying THANK YOU to all our parents for the generous gifts. We truly appreciate all of you and all you do for our classroom. Our parties and events would not be the same without all the parent participation.

We will be starting the month off with two amazing weeks of Winter Wonderland. We will be learning and doing amazing and fun projects such as snow flakes, sledding, snow balls, ginger bread men etc. for the theme. Then we will be doing a week of Arctic Animals… That we will be learning so much about and of course fun projects as well. We will close off the month with a week of Ice. We will be doing fun ice projects and some science experiments with ice.

We will be doing a special project for Martin Luther King day on January 18, and talking about why he has his own special day. We want to remind all parents new and old to please make sure you have a change of clothes in your child's cubby in case of an accident. Also make sure your child has appropriate outside clothing for the weather…for we go out everyday if the weather permits. We would like to welcome Chloe to our classroom. She came from another center and is part time. Welcome Chloe so Glad to have you in our room. This month is Chloe’s birthday on the 3rd and Ben K on the 23rd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH. HOPE YOU HAVE A SUPER DAY! Again thank you to all our parents. Ms.Tami and Ms. Ashley


Well, it is hard to believe that 2016 is already upon us. First we would like to say Happy Birthday Violet! December was filled with a lot of holiday fun and much learning about the different holidays. We talked about Christmas and Hanukkah. This time of year gives us many opportunities to talk about how we are alike, yet different. It also gives us opportunities to celebrate those differences by sharing our holidays. January will bring a lot of excitement. Many of the classes will begin their journey into winter and snow.We will start the month learning about winter and the changes the children see around them and dressing warm for the winter weather. During circle-time, we will bring snow (if we get any) into the room to show how it changes form when it gets warm. We will also talk about the different animals that live at the North and South Poles, including Eskimos, polar bears and penguins-while exploring winter climates to the North and south of us.We will talk about animals that hibernate from the cold in winter. Along with our discussions on winter, we will be share ways to keep warm: some examples including hot chocolate and appropriate winter attire. Towards the end of our month we will talk about shapes: we will trace, hunt, and sort. We will continue our discussion about winter with Winter White Day on Friday, January 29th. Since we think of white when we think of winter, please dress your child in as much white as possible. Please feel free to bring in A white snack to share if you would like. We will email some suggestions. REMINDER: Please make sure your child has hats, mittens, jackets and changes of clothing, we do go out everyday weather permitted.

Please email us with any questions or concerns, and Happy New Year!

~Kristilynn & Jen


Happy New Year!! We hope your holiday season was a happy, healthy, and blessed one! We're so excited to get back into the swing of things. We will meet new Letter People this month, including Mr. Z & I as well as Ms. V & L. With these letters, we'll learn all about zoo animals, zippers, insects, measurement (inches), compound words, counting, nature, veggies & plants, lights & shadows, listening, & laughing .. among other fun topics!
Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in his/her cubby that is weather appropriate!
Important dates:
*1/15 – HAT DAY!

Have a great start to the new year!
Xo, Ms Kelly and Ms Josette


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed mine very much but am glad it is over! Now things can get back to “normal.” We did as much work as possible down here in kindergarten. December is a very hard month for me to get things done because the class gets bitten by the Christmas bug!

We spent all of December learning how to stretch words and listening for the short vowel in them. The class has been working so hard on mastering those short vowel sounds! We have even been stretching words and writing them at the same time. First thing in January we will begin working on short a word families.

The sight words we learned in December were: we, my, no, but, up, are, go, no and we continued working on the color words. Of course we played games and practiced writing and reading all these words plus our older sight words. The class enjoys musical sights the most I think!

Writing workshop has been going very well! The class has been working on using spaces in between words, ending sentences with a period and making sure our letters or either tall, short or digging. We’ve also been practicing drawing pictures by adding details and using lots of colors! We will begin independent writing folders in early January. Each child’s folder is stuffed with multiple writing pieces to suit their academic needs. Please do not be afraid of your child’s spelling. We spell phonetically. What an exciting time in kindergarten!

We spent most of December working on graphing. We practiced making vertical and horizontal bar graphs as well as reading pre made graphs. We graphed our favorite colors, season, winter activity and more. We are continuing to work on our number sense skills for numbers 1-10 and complete a math journal entry every Tuesday and Thursday. In January we’ll work on base ten and addition and subtraction.

Parent’s day was super fun for all! The class was so excited to have their parents join them for kindergarten fun and treats. Thanks to all who could make it. Grandparent’s day will be held on Friday March 11th at 3:15.

Please remember that baggy books are due Thursdays (or earlier). If they are not in by Thursdays (or earlier), they are counted as a late homework assignment. Your child’s next report card will be coming home at the end of January.

Again, I wish you and your family a very happy new year! See you next month!

Miss Megan

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January Birthday Wishes!!!!!!

Happy birthday to Miss Ashley on the 6th! Happy 21st~! Miss Kim on the 10th and finally Miss Kelly on the 19th! Have a great birthday ladies!